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Planning the backyard vineyard….

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  • Polite Media

    We used to make wine but now only make juice because you can drink all you want and not get drunk. What's interesting about grapes is that they grow in poor soil and once established can take serious droughts.

  • Barry Cartwright

    im growing one Blue Kuri ive finally have 2 squash's growing on it 🙂 i might get more but i be happy with 2 it's my first time growing them so i didnt want to plant to many . and my blueberrys not ready yet just starting go purple but ive ate all my saskatoon berry's first time fruiting this year they was all right.

  • Валари Петровский

    Go for quality not quantity if your not feedin a family and grpw those which are most expensive in stores then you can buy the cheaper items if needed.