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Planning & Starting Our 16 Bed Vegetable Garden! Help!

About The Author


  • Evelyn Rickard-Saggs

    I love that you're taking the time to grow your own veg! your plots remind me of my grandad's alotment at the bottom of his garden! He was super green-fingered! Maybe you could dedicate a bed for just herbs, maybe the closest one? It might save having to buy new herbs in pots every time you need them! I recently bought my dad some garlic and he's so grateful for it as he's always using it! (we have a lot of pasta dinners so essential really, ahaha!) I don't think there's any harm in planning the veggies you use the most and splitting the beds into summer and winter veg!! I'm so excited to see how you guys get on <3

  • olgy one

    U need 4 beds for rotation, thats not as frightening as it seems, thats all to start, sow the rest as a wild seed mix or green manure seed, just google that, my suggestion for a good book for you is Geoff Hamiltons organic gardening, he was a pioneer back in the day for growing organic, you should be able to get a second hand one it was and is my go to book . I think if you like gardening it will be more help to you than any therapy when your hands are in the soil you don't think about anything else believe me I know, good luck most of all don't stress, the best gardeners have fails just watch Monty hes had a few, also Carol kleins new programme is good for advice she gets to basics for new gardeners, and to quote Alan Titchmarsh 'love your garden'

  • DannMarotta

    Check out roots and refuge on YouTube. She’s taught me so much about gardening. I’m going into my third gardening year and have become really passionate about it. Good luck! It’s the best

  • Nancy Perry

    It is the glory of gardening it is a trial and error, but grow what you eat try different things if it doesn’t work the next time you don’t do it. Also one of your beds would make a great salad garden with different types of lettuce and Kale

  • Carolina Vasconcellos

    you could start an agroforest instead of veg beds, it requires close to zero maintenance and it is the best form of agriculture for the environment. but if you choose the beds, just start with one or two, you do not need to fill all of them.

  • Zulejka Javeršek

    It’s so endearing how little you know about gardening – it reminds me of myself a few years ago, I guess. I think you might have some kale and spinach there, maybe carrots, but it’s hard to tell from a video. Maybe a neighbour with some gardening knowledge could lend a hand? It’ absolutely not to late to start gardening this time of year. I’m not sure what temperatures are where you are. Seedlings are a faster way, but you might enjoy sowing some seeds too. Go to a garden center and look for seed packets that say sow from February to October or whatever (mostly lettuces), kale is also a winter vegetable, broccoli, too (depending on your lowest temperature). I’m pretty sure you could get away with growing courgette and pumpkin from seed. For flowers, I would go with zinnias and marigolds, they are so easy to grow and so pretty. You mentioned you have nettles! You can use them as you would spinach or make tea/infusion with them (add mint if you find their taste weird☺️), they have so much iron and calcium. If you have too many nettles you can use them as a fertilizer, too!

  • Eva C

    Hi Madeleine! Wow, what a lovely garden!! My advice is to invest in learning about PERMACULTURE to have lots of produce with little effort and to be as sustainable as you can be!! Gooooood Luck!

  • Jen Devers

    There's an app where you can take photos of plants and it tells you what it is and even gives you advice on growing them.

  • Amy Usherwood

    I've found the app "Picture This" suuuuuper helpful in identifying plants! From one beginner to another:)

  • Zuzanna X Olga

    I think I saw beetroots and carrots in the overgrown beds but you don't need to guess. You can take pictures of their leaves and use an image recognition apps/website 🙂 I always use them when getting the weeds out I don't recognise.

    Also please don't worry. You are doing great. Gardening should be relaxing and fun (although it is hard work). I am concerned the 'You Tube expectations' and worrying about the haters will take it away from you. No one in their right minds will judge you. You are learning. Even if you grow one carrot this year, that's great! Be prepared for one plant to thrive and another to die. You will learn as you go and see what your plants like.

    Also pollinators in my garden absolutely adore lavender and it is such a lovely plant to grow. I would definitely plant it in one of these lovely beds. Good luck <3

  • Carlotta Dix

    My best flower advice invest in perrenial plants you will be so much more happy and productive. Also some vegetables come again yearly like asparagus and horseradish once you get started. I think onions are fun to grow and easy to store. You are so kind to share your garden with all of us. I ate only raw veg and fruit for years. I love pesto on sandwiches. Yea did you say you were planting bok choy. I love it.

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