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Comedy website and film/TV production company Funny or Die has produced a satirical video in partnership with the American Heart Association in answer to the ongoing debate in Congress on healthy school meals. The satirical video features “Parks and Recreation” star Nick Offerman, who offers a tour of his “Pizza Farm,” where “healthy” snacks like taquitos and fish fingers are “grown”. Tell your lawmakers to protect strong school nutrition standards at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVERTICAL FARMING TERRASPHERE NICK BRUSATORE.movPIZZA CHALLENGEGardening Inspiration for Children – Homegrown PizzaLiving Walls At Pizza Express – Newport, South WalesJudge Joe Brown On ‘Pizza,’ Fake News, Trump’s Black Agenda, Dylan Roof, Polygamy, & Juvenile Court”Urban Gardening with City Beet Farm on Shaw TV

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  • alcaponed16 8 months ago

    "French fries are basically salads."
    I always say that yet no one believes me :'(

  • Artyparty67 Gator 8 months ago

    "Which is why I like mine with ranch"

  • Kyle Carey 8 months ago

    Is that schrute farms?

  • Sponska 8 months ago

    1:48 Yeah, you better run when Nick Offerman looks at you like that!

  • TheGamingGeek 8 months ago

    I so wish this was real!!! Also that basket of pizza he was holding looked godly!!!!!!

  • Chance Roller 8 months ago

    I want A buffalo wings bush.

  • Toastypopo 8 months ago

    Like mothers milk 58

  • Adriana 8 months ago

    “My teeth feel soft…” go away

  • Creativity Plus Stupidity 8 months ago

    Reminds me of the captain from wall-e who thought pizza grew from plants

  • Life Is XP Waste 8 months ago


  • somethingsock 8 months ago

    Apples aren't that bad, you should have said broccoli or carrots.

  • WallyWinka 8 months ago

    So they DON'T serve pizza in school lunches any more?? No lasagna or beef spaghetti or those square burritos with that orange crack-sauce on them?? You poor deprived generation!

  • The Cardboard Box Guy 8 months ago

    Nick offerman the only person who can make another run away with a look

  • REMOTEBEAR 8 months ago

    looks like i die

  • Klausjp Lamers 8 months ago

    the farm for school lunches, make kids fat and lazy. Best regards from your school board and GOP

  • Frank Villarreal 8 months ago

    Her run was hilarious.

  • Powers of Parkdale 8 months ago

    Farm of my dreams!

  • preciousmonstermama 8 months ago

    bwahaha! So funny!