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Vertical growing – yes, I’m short on space and I want to grow more! So here’s a solution I found online and I’m going to give this system a try. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVertical growing systems intro | Vertigrow SystemsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsWhat is Tower Garden® Vertical Aeroponic Growing SystemIntroducing the AquaVertica Vertical Growing Systemhydroponics growing system homemade | Homemade verticalPractical Urban Permaculture – A basic vertical growing system

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  • florea ana 1 year ago

    he didnt exactly invented it….i think its from a group called "send a cow" from uganda…  dont bother to public the "details"

  • Julia Jackson 1 year ago

    Well…I'm still waiting on the base (the phytopod folks said they were going to send me one). I am on vacation now, but when I return I plan on planting even if they don't send me a base…my seedlings are ready to go into their new home! Lol!!!

  • LifeAfter40IsGood 1 year ago

    I'm patiently waiting for the arrival of the rollerbase. My soil and plants are standing by and I will do video updates on this! Its a great concept – and I'm SO excited to try it out – it will be awesome to just be able to step outside onto my patio and harvest!!!

  • Yolanda Soto Lopez 1 year ago

    I can't wait to see how this works. I also subscribe to John's channel and always wanted to know what happened? I guess the company never send him the one they promised to give him. I would love to try that..maybe they can give me one. Please post the follow up videos with your plants in there.

  • LifeAfter40IsGood 1 year ago

    @Phytopodia – OMGosh!!!! I'm so excited that I'm screaming with EXCITEMENT @ my computer that you are going to do this!!! HOW kind of you!!! Thanks for your concern about my safety – I can sometimes be a hazard to myself! 🙂

    I am SO glad you liked the video. I appreciate a well made product and I'm excited to continue to give updates on the Phytopod. I will also add the links to your FB page so that others can see the progress.

    I will wait to fill my Phytopod until I get the base!

  • Phytopod Vertical Gardens 1 year ago

    We love the video! We are a bit worried about your rollerbase!! A Phytopod-4 requires 8 cubic feet of potting mix that is the equivalent of 4 large potting mix bag- sizes. This will weigh a LOT and your rollerbase will just not be strong enough and will likely tip over!!

    We will send you a rollerbase since you have gone to such lengths to describe your Phytopod-4. Sorry about the delays–was unavoidable…

    Eluem, VHG

  • Brad Gray 1 year ago

    hmmm not sure. Maybe so but, I can't really tell you why. I did in the beginning so I could plant early and move it in and out of my garage as the temp required.

  • LifeAfter40IsGood 1 year ago

    @bradgray51 – so do you prefer to grow on the ground versus vertical growing?

  • Brad Gray 1 year ago

    mine was small. .. maybe 30 in. tall or so. Strawberries loved it…they were very good! This yr. I built 2 boxes that are 3×9 or so ea. I love strawberries!

  • LifeAfter40IsGood 1 year ago

    @bradgray51 – Oh gosh, my nails are a MESS right now! Too much gardening…so many broke off – so I finally just bit the bullet and cut them all down. The upside, I can type so much faster! LOL!

  • LifeAfter40IsGood 1 year ago

    @bradgray51 – OF COURSE you could make one of this – this is a breeze for someone like yourself!!! ; ) How'd your strawberries grow? I'm hoping I get good results with this big guy!

  • Brad Gray 1 year ago

    and you need the gloves for those hands you know.

  • Brad Gray 1 year ago

    I made one of these last yr. I used wire fencing with burlap. I filled the entire thing with strawberries.