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  • Keith Killough 1 year ago

    Awesome garden! As all my blooms have been falling off from mid-April into May, I needed some of the ideas in your video. It may be a little late now, but I will be ready in the Fall and next Spring.

  • Wes Robbins 1 year ago

    you know with that structure you could just run a string for the tomatoes and ditch the cages just wrap them around

  • Hissage 1 year ago

    My tomatoes plants get very tall . I want to keep them short, should I pinch off the tops instead of the suckers ? Can you post a video on how to trim the plants to avoid super long leggy stems ? I don't want a vine , I want a bush . Thanks


    Ware getting a roll of concrete remesh to make cages


    Is that jute erosion control cloth you are using for shading? We found it really cheap..we are going to try it…I think 3 things in the hot mater, heavy mulch and shade..we are south of Tucson. not quite as hat as you are but it still gets bad..

  • wajdi alzaher 1 year ago

    I really like your video and I'm willing to do the same hopefully it will succeed like yours

  • John Rambo 1 year ago

    Yeah may.  Show me the video in July

  • FullStarSky 1 year ago

    Instead of using the fabric cloth to shade your garden, I think you should plant gourds. They are vine plants and help shade the other plants well and you can also harvest them.

  • Ray Cham Ar 1 year ago

    Will do something similar and found your video helpful and informative bobby. Thanks. 

  • Thagirion9 1 year ago

    That's a great tomato house you built. How nice. I'd love to have something like that in my yard.  Looks like it was a great year too.

  • bobby brown 1 year ago

    i gave gizmo away to a pet loving family 

  • bobby brown 1 year ago

    when i first plant them i water ounce every  4 days.  as it gets warmer…. about  a month after, i do every 3 days then i do every 2 days from there, when temps are like 90 and up and i water deep….remember dont forget your calcium as they grow or else they will get blossom end rot ….

  • bobby brown 1 year ago

    i start  my seeds in early December  and i plant them into the ground in February  16 

  • goltoof 1 year ago

    I personally would give Gizmo a more comfortable ground to live on than those jagged rocks..

    Great setup. I will be trying the burlap cage setup myself. Although I'll be using fish rather than rabbits.

    Greetings from Phoenix.

  • 6spdkeg 1 year ago

    What's your wattering schedule like?  Thanks

  • Mark Furrer 1 year ago

    in switzerland we put blue tarp to increase your production… and green ground cover to make roots grow deeper

  • bobby brown 1 year ago

    tums? of course calcium…. Love the idea!

  • DesertDigger1 1 year ago

    Give em a shot of milk or a Tums once every 3 weeks at the roots,They'll get just plumb dumb and put out towards the end o the season,Farmers Market worthy.As I'm sure you know,maters love calcium.

  • bobby brown 1 year ago

    i start my seeds in december but next year i will start november

  • bobby brown 1 year ago

     i live in the west valley…dont over water them unless its hot and remember mix compost in your soil it drains better and if your growing cucumbers remember they have boy and girl flowers and they need polination and i do mines by hand..