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Jim Angelucci, 60, is the General Manager of Phillips Mushroom Farms, LP, the largest producer and marketer of specialty mushrooms in the country. Located in Kennett Square, the self-proclaimed Mushroom Capitol of the World, the farm grows over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of specialty mushrooms. In 2009, we talked to Angelucci about the challenges of commercial mushroom farming. Now, join Angelucci as he takes you on a video tour of his farm, as seen through his eyes. Video Rating: / 5 AeroFarms takes viewers inside their plans to build the world’s largest vertical farm in Newark, NJ. Watch video covering topics about Innovation. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTaking food to new heights: Inside a vertical farmMushroom Timelapse – Kitchen Garden mushroom kitCali Grow Kits – Grow Kit Outlet – Beginner Mushroom and Hydroponic KitsHydroponic Groove Sessions – In Hale (Mushroom Jazz 1)Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit Time Lapse (3 Day Growth Cycle)China: Is this 10,000 square metre ROOFTOP farm the future of agriculture?

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  • Paul Schofield 1 year ago

    so awesome.

  • azeez jub 1 year ago

    Sir how to make a small mushroom farm ?

  • Steve Tanai 1 year ago

    Thank you so much your valuable introduction into mushroom farming. I was and wish to get back to mushroom farming and this video help make my decision. Thanks again.

  • California4life 1 year ago

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  • Siw Shauni Hauger 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing, very interesting!

  • Md Rimul Hossan 1 year ago

    HI i like your video about mashrum cultivate it inspired to oyher to cultivate this

  • shohag hossain 1 year ago

    The video is very nice. Specially advice you how to grow mushrooms at home.
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  • justin war 1 year ago

    Very nice huge operation wow. Very good video. Going to start growing and someday be reach your level or close lol. Thanks for sharing.

  • sevensixtwo 1 year ago

    Yes, thank you! Very helpful.

  • cameronsiebs 1 year ago

    fantastic video thank you for sharing.

  • Darla 1 year ago

    Wary, not weary. People can't yet be weary of a new idea, I hope.

  • sourabh sen 1 year ago