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Philips and Green Sense Farms usher in new era of indoor farming with LED “light reciper” that help optimize crop yield and quality. Indoor farms grow vegeta… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Related PostsIndoor Farming – Philips City Farming – Tech News 2016మేలుచేసే మిద్దెతోట || Roof Gardening – Moderan City Farming | Rythunestham[Money Monster] Rise of vertical farming in the cityปลูกผักแนวตั้ง Verticle Farming In Bangkok CityThe Local, Fresh Farming on New York City RoofsProtégé x Edible Garden City: Indoor Farming Class introduction

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  • SR Solares 5 years ago

    Y con ustedes el Futuro del LED en el Cultivo de Plantas. Tecnolog

  • Devin Lumpuy 5 years ago

    Adapt and provide. I’ve wanted to try a small scale version of this for a
    long time. Plants like certain lights. LEDs can make certain lights. Plants
    <3 LEDs. Seems to make sense, right?

    The future needs focus on technology like this.?

  • 4hpook 5 years ago

    It’s “leaves”, not “leafs”. [1:39] Come on, Phillips, I thought you were

  • LED Source 5 years ago

    The future of food production is city farming with LED lighting. Give it a

  • cengeb 5 years ago

    cool, but 2.5 Billion more people the planet is in BIG TROUBLE!!! Really
    unsustainable! Mars was where we came from, look what happened, now we are
    trying to go back? ?

  • Herf U. 5 years ago

    Next-Generation Farming?

  • Adonis Inman 5 years ago

    How long before these get built *everywhere*?