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pH & TDS Meters / DIY Hydroponics This is not a how to use pH or TDS meters, I can’t, here’s why. If you would like to try and use them to adjust your pH and nutrient levels, here are some on Amazon for less than : CB’s Garden and Greenhouse: EBook shows how to grow with non circulating hydroponics: Garden Downspout Grow Box seen in my videos: Hydroponic nutrients and other hard to find supplies: Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. Tool I use to grow my channel: Music from #mrduzee1 #thecreatorspotlightshow Related PostsSEMI HYDROPONICS | PROS & CONS, EASY & DIFFICULT PLANTSSEMI HYDROPONICS | PROS & CONS, EASY & DIFFICULT PLANTSGutter Garden Galore / DIY HydroponicsI leave Garden Unattended For a Week / DIY HydroponicsFLooT NFT Hydroponics & aquaponics plant grow channel10 Best Growing Lamps [2018 Best Sellers] | Indoor Gardening & Hydroponics

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  • PSPSMITH202 4 months ago

    Fantastic! Thanks for proving through showing instead of just telling! Too many YouTube content creators out there just telling people a hypothetical growing concept, while not truly demonstrating that it even works the way they say it does. These downspouts are practically no work at all: No pH testing, adjusting, or buffering; No TDS/EC testing; No air pumps; No water pumps; No monitoring/adjusting water levels; No changing out nutrient solutions mid-grow; No need to add nutrients after initial fill; No fiddling with drip irrigation, hoses, or timers; No weeding; No digging; No mulching; etc. The most complicated issue I'm finding with these downspouts is what to do with all the plants once they're ready to harvest. You can only give your neighbors so much lettuce before it starts getting weird… Thankfully, we found a soup kitchen in the city that is happy to take everything we can spare. Keep on teaching and uploading!

  • Tina Helberg 4 months ago

    Do you have a video on strawberries

  • Standard Hydroponics Official 4 months ago

    We use an auto dripper and auto dispenser in a Tote barrel. no need to check each feed, just the main source.

  • Anything Can & Will Happen 4 months ago

    I love this. I started growing my own foods, and never thought of checking ph. I just use worms in dirt, or fish water, and they grow perfect. Folks will tell you buy anything to make money. I just follow GOD steps.

  • Nara Engineering 4 months ago

    Please let me know best ph,temperature and humidity for the lattuce in hydroponic ?

  • xelradcliffe 4 months ago

    Hi do u use cover when it rains? Wont the rain water go inside the pool noodle? Thanks

  • Mickey Romeo 4 months ago

    Great video !!

  • Will Sawtell 4 months ago

    So what you're saying is that you're a hack…
    We know what is possible, we understand why we do what we do. If you don't understand it, you can't do it.

  • Jack Huntington 4 months ago

    I agree, I have used a ph meter or strips and have grown without. I haven't really noticed any difference.

  • Arlene Ehrlinspiel 4 months ago

    I have learned so much by watching your channel! You have inspired me to try growing micro greens, some good results some not so, but, that is what learning and growing (pun intended) is all about.

  • The reality is that most food crops just aren't THAT fussy about ppm and ph. If you mix your initial solution right they'll do just fine most of the time.

    That said there are some crops that do fare much better with a more delicate approach

  • Jim Battaglia 4 months ago

    Good video

  • Tony Gutierrez 4 months ago

    Hi Mike I think some people are to by the book but sometimes the book needs to be improved after all your mix of nutrient was much BETTER than the bought one, keep up the great work. PS in one of Paul from back to Eden videos he has a high acid & a low acid plant growing side by side so maybe some people need to get rid of that book.

  • Sharon Griffin 4 months ago

    I also follow Matt Garver and he never tests EC or pH. Just sets and forgets it. I love your approach.

  • Dave Borchard 4 months ago

    To maximize your hydroponic growth you need to start with reverse osmosis water thats less than 20 ppm, ideally less than 10 ppm. Then you set your nutrient concentration level and pH. However, you can grow hydroponically without doing those things. I don’t know how much growth rate would be lost.

    The same goes for using deep water culture without adding air to the nutrient. When you add air to the nutrient, the growth rate is noticeably improved.

    Deep water culture is a lot of work to optimize your nutrient. I grow with deep water culture. I used reverse osmosis clean water, and I’ve measured the nutrient concentration and pH on new batches of nutrient. So, I know how much pH up to add for each 5 gallon batch. I use the 3 part Masterblend, Calcium Nitrate, and Epsome salt nutrient components measured with a gram scale for consistent nutrient concentration.

    However, over many weeks or months, the pH and nutrient concentration levels change, and I don’t bother to try to adjust the pH or nutrient levels. After several months, I replace the nutrient with fresh nutrient which has close to the correct pH and nutrient level.

    I think if you want to try to maintain you pH and nutrient levels, you need to have a larger reservoir tank. Then buy pH and TDS meters that are connected to a controller and systolic pumps. That would lock the pH and nutrient levels in the reservoir tank.

    Then you’d need to use NFT, or fill and drain. Deep water culture isn’t practical to automate the pH and nutrient levels, unless the nutrient tank is your grow area, like in a large greenhouse operation.

    There’s a lot of other things that could be optimized, like the type and quantity of light, humidity and temperature, and the CO2 level.

    But it’s amazing what kind of results you can obtain without optimizing anything!

  • Thomas Robson 4 months ago

    Lots of good comments here 🙂 You don't really need a meter, most of your crops are "quick turn" and those that aren't will till you if they need more nutrients by the way they look.

  • Lisa Barrios 4 months ago

    : / I agree, you'd never finish checking all your containers, your plants look so healthy. Umm, you're growing many of them.,jk, thank you for all you share with us.I do love those shelves.Peace/Love to you 2

  • Farmer Kev 4 months ago

    Man, I just started getting to hydroponics within the last couple months. I sure was relieved when I started watching your videos and you mentioned not testing your levels after I started some of my own stuff! Thx for the info and ideas!

  • Michelle Collie 4 months ago

    Go Mike !! Some people are just stuck in the old ways.