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This is a video about my pet turtle (kachuga tecta) in its temporary habitat that i set up for it. They love to soak in the morning sun. Hence the wooden plank. – Jasvinder Rekhi Video Rating: / 5 ℓυ¢ку × Willst auch eins? × Skype: × Twitter: @luckymotionYT × Programme: C4d und AE Related PostsPangshura tecta / kachuga tecta / indian roofed turtlePangshura Tecta (Indian Roofed Turtle)Unboxing 2 Pangshura Tecta TurtleUnboxing Medium Size Male Pangshura Tecta TurtleGrass Roofed House — A View From The Topindian children playing in garden HD VIDEO, KIDS ARE PLAYING IN The GARDEN

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  • Anfotal Nutritions 1 year ago

    turtles as pet?
    mail :

  • Sagar Rao 1 year ago

    He probably meant basking in the sun.

  • Sam Philispee 1 year ago

    Where can i buy these turtles(New Delhi) plz help me i need two little pets !!!!

  • lobsidedballs 1 year ago

    your description made no sense. "They love to soak in the morning sun. Hence the wooden plank." …. what does the wooden plank have to do with them soaking on water other than the turtles using it for basking

  • RizHail 1 year ago

    hey i got "Pangshura smithii smithii" & "Kachuga smithii pallidipes"
    any suggestion about making a habitat for them?
    -Ryyan Butt from Pakistan

  • Sükrü Alkan 1 year ago

    das ist ganze gut

  • ' MonoHD ' 1 year ago

    Cool freue mich schon auf mwin intro nice like :*

  • DerFaboZocktHD 1 year ago