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Check out this multi-functional building that Sandy McPherson and Alan Philip put together. This building, made from the clay excavated from a water storage project on the same site, is a solar greenhouse with a thick wall between the sun side and shade side to provide a cold storage root cellar. Along with the solar panels on top is a living roof and there is also a heat exchanger inside that connects the greenhouse to the biogas digester. If this isn’t permaculture function stacking, what is? View all tips, course dates, and latest updates: Catch up with us on Facebook – We post tons of great info and inspiration! See what we are pinning: Let’s connect on Instagram: Local in Texas and want to meetup? North Texas Permaculture Plano, TX 578 Permaculturists Powerful, Knowledgeable, Meaningful Connections!Group’s mission is to bring together like minded people who are into working with nature to build a powerfully connected commu… Next Meetup Whole Systems Gardening Class – 4 DAY COURSE Saturday, Feb 25, 2017, 10:00 AM3 Attending Check out this Meetup Group → WE LOVE YOU – THANKS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING! Related PostsPermaculture Tip of the Day – Living RoofsSmall Space Permaculture Food Forest Garden on 1/4 Acre Home LotSustainability and PermaculturePermaculture RevolutionPermaculture RevolutionPermaculture on Living Roofs

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  • Mika Lee 1 year ago

    I wanted to see the root cellar and I got nothing!

  • J. Hanley Smith 1 year ago

    thanks for what you do

  • Luiz Eduardo Piá de Andrade 1 year ago

    Before I even watch the whole thing, some feedback: this is not TV, it's unnecessary to have a 1-minute intro, just cut to the chase.