Pergolas and canopies are fundamental elements in the garden because thanks to the protection and shelter they offer they can preserve many objects from the elements, such as saving the car body in the event of a violent hailstorm. Once the building permits have been obtained, you can choose different styles of canopies and pergolas, depending on the appearance and characteristics of our home. In garden canopies you will find useful articles to understand what characteristics distinguish the different types of buildings, how they are built and where they can be found. In the garden you can create or place covers to protect things and people. The most common and well-known are pergolas and canopies, to which we dedicate a special section of our online magazine. The pergolas and canopies can be built against the wall of the house or apart, … continue

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    canopy for terrace
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    An iron canopy for the garden
    The wrought iron canopies were created to protect our doors and windows in an elegant way, but now they are above all a piece of furniture able to give elegance to any home.

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  • Plexiglass canopies

    Aluminum and plexiglass canopy
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    wooden pergola
    The classic wooden pergola is the so-called Pompeian pergola built with squared wooden beams. The posts that support the pergola must be fixed to the ground with concrete structures. The

continue …, through a fixed structure on the ground. In these cases, however, it is necessary to obtain a municipal permit authorizing them to be built. The permit is required if the pergola and the canopy lead to an increase in the volume of the house. For removable canopies that do not cause an increase in the volume of the property, it is sufficient to submit only a report of the start of activity. With a pergola leaning against the wall of the house you can also create a veranda, that is a covered space to be used as an annex or study or relaxation room. However, pergolas and canopies do not allow you to create rooms with other functions, such as kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. This feature depends on the fact that pergolas and canopies are made and are born as outdoor covers and it is universally recognized that the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom are, on the other hand, indoor rooms. Pergolas and canopies can also have decorative value. Made with particularly versatile and refined materials, canopies, especially small ones, called canopies, can greatly enrich the aesthetic performance of a building. The shelters also serve to facilitate the drainage of rainwater and protect windows and entrance doors from humidity and strong gusts of wind. To find out about the materials for making pergolas and canopies, we recommend that you read our section. Inside there are different contents on the wrought iron and wooden pergolas, on the canopies, on the do-it-yourself pergolas and on the various terrace and garden covers. There are also descriptive articles on carports, covers often made of steel and almost always present in service stations. The carports can also be placed in the garden, perhaps by choosing the wooden ones. For more practical and faster solutions, prefabricated roofs can be chosen. The choice between one model and another will always depend on your personal tastes and on the different costs related to the materials. All information on the characteristics of pergolas and canopies, on installation methods and costs, are always contained in our section.

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Pergolas Garden Canopies

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