A large section of giardino.it dedicated entirely to the choice and construction of pergolas and canopies, designed to protect and repair the garden, cars but also people. With a little work it will be possible to transform this functional solution into a decorative element to customize outdoor spaces. The section is always updated, thanks to new articles that today can be highlighted thanks to the practical chronological order.

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  • Arbor do it yourself

    DIY wood pergola
    How to build a DIY pergola and which components to choose for optimal results. Are specific skills required?

  • Pergola

    Arbor material
    You can build different types of pergola, in wood, metal or masonry, leaning the structure against the house or building it self supporting.

  • Stainless steel canopies

    Example of steel and glass canopy
    On the market, there are different types of covers. The oldest examples of canopies are those made of wood or iron, while the most modern are those made of stainless steel and glass. Generally,

  • Canopies

    canopies in the garden
    There are many contexts in which it can be useful to mount shelters, from the stop of a means of transport (where you can shelter while waiting for the vehicle), the shops have covered entrances also for

  • Polycarbonate canopy

    Garden furniture
    Dedicating yourself to gardening improves our psycho-physical balance. Enjoying what we have achieved with our hands is a source of pride. The creation of a pleasant environment immersed in it

  • Iron canopies

    iron canopy covered with plastic
    Iron, in fact, has the characteristic of lasting a long time, if treated with suitable anti-rust preparations, capable of guaranteeing not only the solidity of the material of the canopy, but also its re

  • Iron canopies

    Iron shelter model
    Finely crafted iron canopies that embellish the garden with their unparalleled beauty and offer shelter to your guests waiting at the door in case of rain.

  • Wrought iron canopies

    An iron canopy for the garden
    The wrought iron canopies were created to protect our doors and windows in an elegant way, but now they are above all a piece of furniture able to give elegance to any home.

  • Wooden shed

    a welcoming and perfectly furnished pergola
    Pergolas and canopies are very useful elements that allow you to furnish the outdoor spaces of the house without neglecting the aesthetic aspects; are ideal for growing climbing plants that pos

  • Steel canopies

    gray steel canopy
    If you are a shop owner and are looking for a simple solution to protect your entrance and your windows, steel canopies are an excellent cover from the elements, as well as a

  • Glass canopies

    glass canopy furniture
    If you are a merchant and want to protect the entrance to your shop or if you are an architect and are looking for an alternative model of outdoor roofing, it is important to know all the models of the canopies.

  • Plexiglass canopies

    Aluminum and plexiglass canopy
    Pergolas and canopies have always been used to embellish buildings, but also to protect them from atmospheric agents. They are made in different materials and styles. The hardened plexiglass canopies

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