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“Pascal Héni sings “Idylle chlorophyllienne” and “Marie des Cygnes” at the “Folies Musicales” during the Patrick Blanc exhibition “Folies Végétales”. Espace EDF Electra, Paris 2007 Lyrics : Patrick BLanc Music : Pascal Héni piano : François Debaecker violin : Stanislas Steiner Percussions : Daniel Ciampolini Copyright Paspat 2011 Video Rating: / 5 FIELD TRIP with PATRICK BLANC in AUSTRALIA – NOVEMBER 2011 – GIANT EUCALYPTS, BUSHLAND AND THROMBOLITES – SOUTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA FILMED by PASCAL HENI COPYRIGHT PASPAT 2013 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsJardin Vertical Patrick Blanc Caixa Forum Madrid.wmvField trip with PATRICK BLANC in PERU – Part 1Field trip with PATRICK BLANC in CUBA – Part 2Patrick BlancField trip with PATRICK BLANC in PERU – Part 2Patrick Blanc at the Korean TV

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  • Keith Rogers 1 year ago

    Most of the branches and trunks are irregular and shaped to funnel rain down the trunk to the base, most important in dry arid areas with 125 mm av annual rainfall.  Well done Patrick
    Mannum South Australia