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It’s a one of a kind class called Aquaculture and students learn everything from biology to commerce. Aquaculture gives kids at Southwest High School in Green Bay a hands on lesson like no other. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSVP Cincinnati partners with Civic Garden CenterTilapia Indoor Recirculating Aquaculture System – OhioFuture of Agriculture: Vertical Farms to Sustainable AquacultureGreen Grid PartnersFresh Ideas in Action #5: Nutrition Education with Farm to SchoolAgriculture Education at Illinois State University

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  • Mike Driscoll 11 months ago

    Aquaculture is fish farming; raising plants and fish together is aquaponics. Increasing awareness on human impact on the environment has led to permiculture . A few new words in use , see also bio shelter, earth ship homes,hydroponics. This isn't fluff ,there are some in power that want to kill off 80% of us: George guide stones, agenda 21. Kids should eat fish; we've been ruining our society on land animals and hurting our health. Fatty acids DHA for brain development and heart health,and longevity. Our society needs creativity to be free, brain development fights poverty and crime, violence.