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A detailed walk through of the propagation/seedling table in the basement hydroponic garden. Get our LED Grow Light Engines for your DIY LED light build: The NFT channels I used can be found at:;ft_hydroponic_supplies-ft_hydroponic_nft_channel_systems;pg112625.html Net cups: Black felt that I used for light leaks through net cups: Rockwool cubes: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPart 8 – LED Grow Lights – Basement Hydroponic LED Garden TourPart 6 – Nutrient Tank & Automation – Basement Hydroponic LED Garden TourPart 1 – Overview – Basement Hydroponic LED Garden TourTour of – Here We Grow – Hadley, MA Hydroponic Store (413) 584-FARMAbout Me & Why I’m Doing This – Basement Hydroponic LED Grow Light GardenChandigarh, Pinjor Garden Educational Tour

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  • RK CST 8 months ago

    Instead of gluing that dam in there to raise the level you can also get a 90 degree PVC elbow and insert it into the drain hole. Then you can rotate the elbow to control the level of the water. Also it is much easier to do and requires no glue. You can easily take it out later if you want to use the bed for something else.

  • Jeff Sullivan 8 months ago

    If you attach a 90 fitting to the outlet inside the bed you could turn it up and down to adjust the water level. If you leave the upper root out of the nutrient it will ad oxygen to the plant too. Clean setup. I wish I had done my greenhouse in my basement for better climate control. I have a small setup in the basement.

  • alejandro antillon 8 months ago

    great video thanks!!!

  • Mihai Gheorghe 8 months ago

    I'd love to see up close the air cooled design. Does it run cooler then the extractor setup? Very nice!

  • Aaron Crumbley 8 months ago

    Thank you for the felt idea 🙂

  • Kurtis Cruz 8 months ago

    Awesome setup, I love it and reminds me of mine. Instead of Felt, I use net cup covers, 12 Cents a piece at your local indoor hydroponics store ( Well worth the investment and matches the white setup.

  • Abby Babby 8 months ago

    Just noticed your venting system. Dont know where you live but in the winter that waste heat will come in handy, you could also use it to heat water. Can you elaborate on your controls?

  • Abby Babby 8 months ago

    Very clean! Beautiful set up. What LEDs are you using. I have been making my own grow lights for a couple of years now.