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Dickson and Daniel discuss the hookworms Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsParasitic Diseases Lectures – WelcomeDo You Want To Know What Factory Farming Is? – Part 2Garden Tower – Loading SoilMaking a REALISTIC ELEVATOR in Minecraft!Healthy Back to School Lunches + After School snack ideas!Northwest Gardening: Vertical gardens for urban spaces

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  • Susan Young 1 week ago

    Thank you! Question: would the hookworms anticoagulants, at some point, cause a rise in the persons platelet count? …Anyone, anyone? And, would they also cause a gradual drop in the amount of protein in the serum?

  • Nana Nunn 1 week ago

    Iv taken 2 doses of abendzole also 2 doses of. Pyratel 2 doses an have cleaned like crazy so please help!

  • Dave Williams 1 week ago

    Very interesting the connection between hookworm and the recovery of the south post civil war

  • Joe Shmoe 1 week ago

    "Although some helminths are known to cause disease and have been labeled parasites, it is now clear that some exposure to this class of organisms is necessary for human health. (Bono-Lunn et al)"

  • Dasha Gudym 1 week ago

    Wow! The most informative stuff I’ve come across so far.

  • Theresa Geiger 1 week ago

    I need help please

  • Cindy Musonda 1 week ago

    they were god damn lazy….they were fighting war with energy but all of a sudden after the war n freedom of slaves the infection suddenly decided to manifest itself …ohhhhhhhhhhh

  • Theresa Geiger 1 week ago

    Doctors don't help anyone

  • Theresa Geiger 1 week ago

    They are the devil

  • Pretty Prudent 1 week ago

    What would we do without science and MEDICINE?? We'd be DOOMED.

  • Carrie Thompson 1 week ago

    I already knew I had around my arm in my lymph node or lymphatic system and I've been finding these little worm looking things inside my wounds and I do believe now that they are sucking the bacteria and blood from my wounds because if they are under there, it won't completely heal and I've only been able to find a couple other people that have made videos on this on YouTube and if it wasn't for catching scabies and taking the equine Ivermectin, this hookworm or roundworm never would have come up the way it did and my lymph node and now it's slowly crawling back through and you can literally see right under my skin, a hook at the end of the worm and it's going over my jaw bone and it's a little painful, not too bad but it is painful so I'm going to the hospital today because I haven't been able to get rid of the scabies and now I know why, it's because my immune system has been fighting against this roundworm or plural roundworms so hopefully I can get this treated with some albendazole or whatever they use and then I shouldn't be able to have a problem getting rid of the scabies. I've kept it at Bay with prescription Ivermectin and Permethrin but it just keeps coming back because my immune system can't fight it. God works in mysterious ways and I knew he was trying to show me something and it took 6 months and I hate to miss work but if I don't go today, it's going to get to a point where you're not even going to be able to see this worm under my skin and then that's going to make it unbelievable and harder to diagnose so that's why I said my manager yesterday and the day before, I tried to finish up the week but I just can't let this thing go any further, it is starting to call symptoms also so I got to go to the emergency room as soon as I get up from a small nap since I didn't get any sleep last night at all. Thank you so much for making this video, it really confirms what I thought all along

  • Hong Dao 1 week ago

    Thank you so much sir for your wonderful video! I am studying microbiology and by accident, discovered your channel! How inspiring! I highly appreciate your work!

  • Tara Bonee 1 week ago

    I had no idea…..thank you

  • Wilting Hyacinth 1 week ago

    Discover of the day thank you for this explicit explanation

  • Midgard Gaming 1 week ago

    Super interesting thanks for this