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friends this video is very relevant since it explains about indian roof turtle which is one the beautiful turtle specie found in india and is into pet trade but it needs conservation and special attention , coz people should understand that they belong to natural enviornment and not to small glass tanks, so it is my small intiative to help others in understanding that these turtles should not be held captive but should be released in wild from where they actually belong ……. stay tuned to my channel any suggestions highly welcomed…………… friends lets join hands towards conservation of indian species of turtles …. ! **********for those who need help and whose turtles are not well can contact me for medical aid on my whats app 7009851455*************** Related PostsIndian Roofed Turtle (Pangshura tecta) SunbathingPangshura tecta / kachuga tecta / indian roofed turtlePangshura Tecta (Indian Roofed Turtle)Unboxing Medium Size Male Pangshura Tecta TurtlePet Turtle – Indian Roofed (Kachuga Tecta)Unboxing 2 Pangshura Tecta Turtle

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  • 다 빛나사랑TV 1 month ago

    좋아요. 좋아요. 좋아요.

  • Fahreza Burhanudin 1 month ago

    So cute! I wanna care them

  • sabina ahsan 1 month ago

    why did my turtle die in winter?

  • ankita srivastava 1 month ago

    Sir , mere paas bhi ye turtle hai main ise kaisi jagah chhodun …ya agar mai. apko handover karna chahun is it possible?

  • Muskan Chouksey 1 month ago

    Can you make a video on how to take care of them during winters

  • Youngster gaming #Devesh 1 month ago

    Mera turtle khana nahi kha raha.

  • earth,s future 1 month ago

    Make video on that turtle for winter caring how can I make a natural environment for them..
    And I have that it's illegal what can I do now

  • dance faver with mom and daughter 1 month ago

    You was awesome for the video thanks I am having new turtle

  • MG Random Vlog 1 month ago

    Mera turtle Raat se le k Subha tak mitti mei chup k sota hai

  • MG Random Vlog 1 month ago

    Agar Ghar mei outdoor rehta ho to Sardi mei paani mei rakhna hota

  • Himanshu Srivastava 1 month ago

    Wonderful information thank you

  • Yash Kadiyan 1 month ago

    Ara 5 min thodi 2 hour k sun dikhna hota h har ruz mere pas bhi h past 2.5 years
    baby turtile h phile termperature dekhta h ham din k

  • Godzard Rex 1 month ago

    Sir mere paas to reptile box type hai jisne reptile rakte hai pls sir full explain kardijiye

  • shripat jha 1 month ago

    Jail ho jayega. Indian breed ya native species nahi rakh sakte . Unko mat rakho vdo mein sahi bola hai

  • Tejas Kutal 1 month ago

    bhai mara hatchling turtle pellets nahi khata aor wo vegetable be nahi khata to kay kuru

  • Kashish Tamboli 1 month ago

    I have two of them for temporary period but I cannot find any uv light in my area and also on Amazon so please someone suggest some uv lights.
    Also I kept some snails and plants for both company and play.

  • Kailash Sharma 1 month ago

    nice bro….very nice information, ye illegal hai fir bhi bahot logo ke ghar Maine dekha hai inko….
    inko bhi basking area, uvb light in sab ki jarurat hoti hai….?
    inki tank ki depth kitni honi chahiye agar ye 3-4 inch ke ho jaye to…?

  • Turtles ko kha release kre??kisi river meh release kr skte h kya?!