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I made a planter box out of a pallet and I wanted to share this cheap and easy project with you guys! This project was easy to make and I had fun doing it:) I also made a little PDF you can follow to build your own! You can get the PDF here ( Check out all our channels and social media sites!! Register on our NEW SITE for full access! – WEBSITE Video Rating: / 5 Instructions and 3D plans of how to make a sofa for the garden with pallets We teach you how to make a garden sofa with wooden pallets, check to see the plans and instructions and many more projects and ideas of furniture made from pallets. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTurn a free shipping pallet into a large garden wooden planter boxDIY Vertical Garden Pallet PlanterHow to make a Pallet PlanterWood Pallet Wall PlanterHow to make a vertical pallet planter for growing herbs and flowers – Whanau LivingThe 22 best pallet planter ideas


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  • Vertigo Studios 4 months ago

    4:50 If he was a full-time carpenter he wouldnt be putting his hands there while shooting a nail gun.. especially a finishing nail gun.. they hurt just as much as framing nails and are more likely to twist when being shot sending the nail right into your hand. It happens…

  • Go Build Ideas 4 months ago

    Love them! Greetings from Berlin, great video! I just made a pallet planter too.

  • Gerald W 4 months ago

    PDF not working now

  • Delton Chatham 4 months ago

    Matt, I sincerely hope your fingers have not found the end of one of the nails that twist and peel out of the wood. Just a little bit of advise from a 75 year old carpenter who uses nail guns of all types. If you are using 3" nails, keep your fingers at least 5 inches away from the point of impact. Sometimes the nails shoot all the way out of the wood. If you do get stuck with one of the nails, say hallelujah, I saw the light.
    God bless and keep doing good things.

  • Did you use any type of 'Liner' or 'Preservative?

  • zafiris125 4 months ago

    You got fancy equipment but you really miss protective gear!

  • Shawn Hillman 4 months ago

    That is the greatest looking pallet wood I've ever seen.

  • lovefragrantlily 4 months ago

    God bless you. Subscribed

  • AZDuffman 4 months ago

    Don't use a hammer to take pallets apart, get a sawsall, 100 times faster and 1/100 the effort

  • Doug Dexter 4 months ago

    Can't get the PDF.

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  • Doug Dexter 4 months ago

    Can't get the PDF.

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  • Tyler Magleby 4 months ago

    PDF still doesn't work,I took notes, add if I missed anything

    – Heavy Duty Screwdriver
    – Hammer
    – Measuring tape
    – Chop saw (or Jig)
    – Nail gun (or Screw driver, with bits)
    – 2.5 – 3 inch Nails (or Screws)

    Wood: (Make sure it is Heat Treated or no harmful chemicals are stained into it.)
    The amount of wood is for planter boxes going into the dirt without a bottom.
    – 6 Face pieces (Thin 4×4 pallet cut into 3 ft pieces)
    – 10 Thick 2×4 (Thick pallet pieces cut into 1.5 ft or 18 inches)
    – 4 Brace pieces (Thin support piece, 10 inch possibly? was not stated in the video.)

    Thanks for making this video.

  • Leita Baker 4 months ago

    Tried to download the PDF. SQL error.

  • starzship 4 months ago

    Here is a website that goes further into pallet codes

  • Mad22 4 months ago

    Hey can u do a update on ur meal worms

  • J. Travis 4 months ago

    Do you need to ensure that none of this wood is treated ? I raised bed garden and I understand it to be a big deal for treated lumber to leach chemicals. Are pallets treated ?

  • Home Farm Ideas 4 months ago

    Be sure to get the PDF to this project you guys! Enjoy:) – (

  • MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living 4 months ago

    I love it! Super handy, and very rustic! Thanks for making this.

  • Justine YoungGod 4 months ago

    Great work! Mine will be similar. I wish I could find the same kinds of pallets as you!

  • Eric Lantero 4 months ago

    What size nails did you use to attach the bottom 2 pallets? Please tag me so i know u responded


  • Aaron Wilson 4 months ago

    So simple

  • Jeroen Willekens 4 months ago

    Will try it. But I will get 9 pallets instead of 8?

  • Aaron Beer 4 months ago

    Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for 'WoodPrix' website:)

  • Slava Litvin 4 months ago

    nice video! Me and my gf really liked it!

  • Robert C 4 months ago

    Nice Video , really helpful!! thanks

  • DWS Photography 4 months ago

    What size pallets did you use?

  • Sofie Magnusson 4 months ago

    Hej! Nice video! It says in the begining that you're gonna use 8 pallets but I count it to 10? IT there something I miss? 🙂 /Sofie

  • Lynsey Dunn 4 months ago

    What foam did you use and what are the ideal measurements/height be for the cushions?

  • Prissy TooSaved&Deep 4 months ago

    How much is the ero wood?

  • Blue Mountain 4 months ago

    I'm thinking by the time you'd acquire all the materials, you might as well just buy a patio set and it will cost less 🙂 Unless you can get free pallets. I sure can't.

  • Ilona Bubik 4 months ago


  • Chris Hall 4 months ago

    did you nail them together

  • MGTorque 4 months ago

    Very nice. The snakes are going to love this.

  • Rhianna Martin-Nown 4 months ago

    what were the measurements of your cushions because I have the same pallettes but I'm at work and the foam people need the measurements haha.

  • Kat De Karachi 4 months ago

    how do you attach the pallets together? nail them?

  • Nikki Si'ulepa 4 months ago

    Awesome and simple!  Thanks heaps for this vid!

  • xsjado295 4 months ago

    Great idea! How did you take of the top part of the pallet for the backrest?