Here is the new texture + the brushes!

Abbie Nurse – amazing resource for tutorials + brushes + canvases:

Thank you for watching!
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  • Marc Cardwell

    thank you so much for this. i've done some other tutorials for this, but yours was super clear and i got a better result. your brushes are awesome too, i've not achieved anything like what you do, but i'm getting some nice abstract-y stuff.

  • Robert R

    You are too fast for us procreate newbies! Your head BLOCKS your actions!! Why show stuff we can’t see until “later”?

  • Chanelle Nillson

    Also ……totally no pressure or anything haha……buuuutttttt would love to try some more of your brushes hahaha

  • Chanelle Nillson

    Please keep making more YouTube videos! Your content is amazing. You have the best watercolour brushes and textures for Procreate, and amazing processes that are so fun to learn!

  • Michelle Fehrman

    I love these textures and your brushes!! They are awesome. I do have a question in terms for making prints, etc. the dip of the canvas you provided I believe is 150. Is there a way to move the textures you created onto a new canvas with a 300 dpi?

  • Kellie Robinson

    Great tutorial. Very easy to follow along. Does it matter what colors you use on the background, like the orange and blue ? Does different color combos create a different effect or it really makes no difference?

  • Chelsea Estraza

    I just stumbled upon this and i really appreciate the tutorial and having your brushes and textures for free for those who can't get it at all!

  • neha bhatt

    Does procreate give more pre-made grain and shape source that one can download it from somewhere? I am looking for more different types of canvas background to create on the app, but it is difficult to see yours and follow. Would you know how to create these shape sources?

  • jennifer aboufadle

    Very helpful but hard to follow some parts like the colors were difficult to see. Thanks so much for sharing

  • Steven Givens

    As a newbie I had to watch a few times. Having grasped it a little I have made a couple of interesting brushes (and quite a few uninteresting ones). Thanks.

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