Added by on 2016-05-11 Turn old paint cans into attractive, rustic-looking planters — all you need is a can, some burlap, a bit of glue, and some soil. Hang them from a wall or fence for an unexpected, living decoration. Project from garden and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith. Find more cool DIY projects at I’ve got a really clever project I want to share with you and it takes something that’s really ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary. You might say that we’re going to take a rustic object and apply it in a very sort of refined way. This may look like an ordinary paint can and you know what? You’re right, it is. What we’re going to do is we’re going to transform this paint can into something that’s really stylish and the end result well it can be quite lovely. Now to begin with you want to start with an empty paint can. Just make sure that there’s no paint left in the can. If its dry that’s ok, but no wet paint allowed. Then you wanna punch several holes in the bottom to allow for drainage because what we’re creating here is a container plants. Now for each can what you’ll need is a seven and a half by 24 inch piece of burlap with two 2 inch slits cut out to accommodate for the two places where the handle attaches to the can. As you apply this you just want to make sure and check that the burlap aligns properly on the can and trim any excess. Then just place the can seem side down and apply a thin layer of outdoor use adhesive to the bottom and the top edges of the face of the can. Then simply afix the burlap to the can […]


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