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PURCHASE HERE: PA Hydroponics 4 Plant Fallponic system is designed to fit in a 4×4 Gorilla Grow Tent with the reservoir outside of the tent with 3″ PVC returns for clog free growing! Your choice of 8 or 13 gallon bucket sizes. It will need assembly but all hole and tube cutting and PVC gluing will be already done by Gary himself. Please allow a week for construction on these systems! This system can be put together without any tools and is ready to go. Water flows from the outside reservoir thru 3/4 inch tubing and pours into top of the grow chambers with an inline 400 Gallon per hour pump, each plant site will get about 100 gallons of nutrient solution per hour which should keep it stirred up for even PH balancing and mixing. Included in the kit is a 265 GPH bottom draw pump with 10 feet of 1/2 inch tubing used to drain the system and reservoir. Each plant site has an airstone and 10 feet of airline to run to a 4 output air pump that’s included. Also comes with or without clay hydroton rocks, so all you need is nutrients and starter plants and you will be growing in the best system that we have ever built! This system kit includes: 5 – 13 gallon buckets or 8 gallon buckets 1 – reservoir lid 4 – 8″ custom built bucket lids – pre assembled – waterfall tubing manifold and 400 gallon per hour pump – tubing mostly assembled – 4 output air pump with 10′ tubing and air stones – custom built 3″ pvc return pipes all glued and ready – water level indicator for reservoir – 265 gallon per hour system drain pump with 10′ hose – enough clay rocks to fill […]

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  • aimORshame son 2 months ago

    i wish you would ship to canada

  • bas p 2 months ago

    I have build about the same system.but i use a spray nozzle not a waterval,then the water level can be lower and you have les wast water..greetings from the netherlands

  • Bradley Ford 2 months ago

    What a great looking system!! Can’t wait to try one out!!!

  • Crazy Kansan 2 months ago

    Nice simple to understand system! Thank you. ✌️

  • Nice way to flood your house

  • Harry Cooter 2 months ago

    Try using Klein cable cutters fer cutting the tubing. I used the same pair fer over a decade and cut over thousand foot of tubing.

  • Jeff curry 2 months ago

    Do you by chance offer a military discount?

  • Bruno Lahaie 2 months ago

    if i put one large airstone in the reservoir instead of in each bucket will my plants still have sufficient oxygen?

  • Deep Impact 2 months ago

    is it possible to do this with 5 buckets istead of 4 ??

  • anthony bobbo 2 months ago

    hey gary good stuff my man sorry if you went over this but the pvc coming out is there a reason you got the elbows going up or is it just to get it out of the tent hole

  • Frank Tracy 2 months ago

    How can I pick up one I ok on the web site

  • Paulinho Smith 2 months ago

    Hey I ordered any 8 gallon 4 bucket set up and when I was putting it together while watching your video you said that water fall connections are double gaskets. Well all of mine came with 1 gasket. Is that a problem?

  • Cloud9 TK 2 months ago

    I’ll will be ordering this by the end of the month 13 gallon set up 8 sites

  • Michael Wierenga 2 months ago

    I'm wondering how much money a month this set adds on average to the electric bill

  • Jai Singh 2 months ago

    Just bought one. Haven't watched this video yet jut really excited to have one tent all dwc while keeping a tent for soil in case i fail at dwc

  • HENRYSTYLE 2 months ago

    dope system. question. When the reservoir water level drops does each grow bucket level drop also? I'm thinking of when I would have to replace nutrients. That would be tuff to measure.
    Also with my setup the 3" pvc coming out of the tent would have to make a sharp right turn. Can it still work like that? I have a wall there.

  • yougotkilled87 2 months ago

    I made this setup but when i got to turn the pump one nothing happens and i have a 400 gph same pump as u i also tried to prime it i know the line is chargedbut no pull from the pump and just gets warm after i leave it plugged in?

  • BehindThe SceneFarms 2 months ago

    Im in PA and your 2 hours away but I have been wanting to go to your store for so long I need this but more spaced out like for a 5×5