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Video by Craig Shimala.
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Owen – I Believe – Live on the Roof

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    It's so great that I found Owen. I am a Christian and this song calms me down. Thank you for making this coming out.

  • jeromeislegend 05

    This song is about believing on something. It could be god or something else, that's why you have to use or sing this song according to your beliefs. Read between the lines.

    "So don't try to sell me yours"

  • jeromeislegend 05

    Hallelujah! I just found Jesus
    Swimming at the bottom of the bottle 
    I keep crawling out of
    He said You look familiar but I can't place your face
    I said You look like hell 
    and that we used to hang at my mother's request
    Hallelujah! I just found Jesus 
    Trying to save the world through the wet hands 
    and mouth of a girl
    She's convinced me to stay in for as long as 
    we both shall live
    (Or until one of us gets bored)
    Have I been saved?
    'Cause I feel the same
    Dirty and tired
    Can I be saved without having shame or remorse 
    for what I don't believe?
    I offer up my humbled soul and my broken spirit 
    All those things that I can't control
    The intangible bullshit to you, my Lord
    I believe there is no white light
    Somebody's mistaken or somebody lied
    I believe there is only one truth 
    It resonates different in me and you 
    so don't try to sell me yours

  • † ∫mΩk∑ M∑†h H∆il ∫∆†∆π †

    This song is so soothing, but him being that close to the ledge gives me so much anxiety.

  • Brad Jones

    @ 3:50 the train comes during the most culminating part of the song, adding an incredible amount of emphasis to the lyrical content. One of my favorite songs and one of my favorite videos.

  • Eric Chandler

    Great video, it turns to green throughout it. I can tell you used Adobe. I use Adobe and have the same problem, do you know how to fix it? Shot is awesome, but the product we pay for is flawed.

  • Sweet Goose

    finding owens work in 2016. I've been into American football since the start but I wasn't aware he carried on making music.

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