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What is the unknown? Was it all a dream? Is everyone dead? (Expand for more) Welcome to YouTube explained! The show that tries to make sense of YouTube! Post suggestions and theories here: Support me here: Twitter: Facebook page: Instagram: Second channel: Check out Trey’s video here: Cover of “into the unknown” used at the end of the video: —————————————————– YouTube Explained merch store: Awesome t-shirts by TeePublic: —————————————————– My gear: Nikon D3300 – Rode NTG2 Shotgun Microphone – Zoom H4n – Proline Tripod – YouTube Explained is a mix of analytical and comedic content covering YouTube videos (duh), movies, songs and pretty much anything that can be explained. Who am I? Well I’m an eighteen year old student studying Digital film Production in London. I love films and everything internet and hope to make YouTube my career. I’ve been on YouTube for 4 years and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. If you like Doctor who then we can most definitely be friends. Thanks for watching the video, and be sure to leave your feedback in the comment section down below! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOver The Garden Wall – Behind The Scenes | Cartoon NetworkChapter One Full Preview I Over The Garden Wall I Cartoon NetworkOver The Garden Wall – Behind The Scenes | Cartoon NetworkAll 10 Over the Garden Wall SongsI Miss You – Over the Garden Wall lyrics vidOver the Garden Wall OST


Vertical Gardens


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  • Jada Fonseca 1 year ago

    I'm not sure if anyone cares but anyway I had a slight theory that one reason why they were in the unknown is because it is a place for unrested souls that can't ''pass on", as supported by how everyone they met in the unknown were troubled or longing for something. Anyway what if Greg and Wirt couldn't pass on because Greg felt he had to return the rocks fact rock that he stole before leaving, or passing, as he pleaded in the last episode to Wirt that, it was his fault that they were there and he's going to need to return the rock for him. Plus some superstitions say that little kids know more about some things than they do when they grow up, that's why Greg was more calm than Wirt in times of crisis because, Greg knows what was up. But I'm not sure if this has to do with anything. :l

  • Dark Melody 1 year ago

    I just straight up got mind fucked…

  • Aliah Clayton 1 year ago

    please explain Bobby Yeah

  • alex hall 1 year ago

    The beast always horrified me!

  • Child of Exhaustion 1 year ago

    guys girl or whatever you call urselves nowadays

  • Nicole Carson 1 year ago

    I watched the whole series just to watch this vid…

  • B3770rd 1 year ago

    Yeah you should have trademark explanation

  • QuatraEyes Saltonius 1 year ago

    One of my favourite shows.

  • Jumpy Bunny 1 year ago

    I thought over the wall was a house, it was, good night

  • Charity Billings 1 year ago

    recently discovered you. We appreciate your channel:) I was wondering if you can please do an explained video on adventure time?? Been looking forever on what happened but all I find are rumors

  • XyroGaming 1 year ago

    Damn that god deep

  • Dylan Hicks 1 year ago

    So, as many other commenters have pointed out, it's obvious that those silhouettes are them drowning in the river and not whatever nonsense you put forth. Also why do you keep pronouncing it THunderberger when it's FUNderberger? Feels like you just copied some poorly researched vid for most of this.

  • jiweep 1 year ago

    I just wanna say that Beatrice's family really did get cursed, if you look at the intro of the first episode you see her getting cursed as well as other things that happen in the story. Also I don't agree with your theory in general, I think it's somewhere along the lines of them going to the afterlife and then coming back.

  • Sniper07 Bros 1 year ago

    I wish Over The Garden Wall was an actual show with more than like 6 episodes.

  • [Mecha]KDigityDog 1 year ago

    the first half of this didnt explain anything and was virtually unrelated(0:004:40). and after 8:51 nothing really is talked about either, so a large portion of your video was just random filler it feels cheap almost. sorry but thats really how it appears to be.

    To sum it up you didnt explain really much of anything that the average view couldnt have already put together on their own, and a very large portion of your video was random incoherent gibberish that was almost entirely unrelated, and you definitely could have done without.

  • deep

  • Ghxstle Is Sleepie 1 year ago

    This show was confusing af I tried keeping up in order with the episodes but I only managed to see the end and my mind was fucked

  • Insert Name 1 year ago

    Over the Garden Wall is based on Purgatory :)

  • Making the Case 1 year ago

    Here's my theory, Vinny! I think the Unknown is literally just that… the Unknown. However, the word "unknown" requires a form a awareness to exist. The Unknown exists in the fantasies and imaginations of people, who (as you said) ponder what lies beyond what they know!

    A graveyard is also still a garden. It's a garden of remembering! Inside a graveyard is the last remaining remnants (and perhaps the imprinted memories) of the dead. So, going over the garden wall in a graveyard is figuratively like going past the veil of death to see the unknown that lies beyond! Like you said, they were having a near death experience!

    Now, the REAL meat and potatoes of Over the Garden Wall, which I think you missed explaining, is that there were three ways for people to approach travelling through the Unknown. The first way was to stay stagnant but comfortable with where you are, which is what a lot of the people they met chose to do. They became comfortable and built their lives in the Unknown, or were permanent residents (due to death).

    The second way was to keep moving through the Unknown but remaining optimistically adaptable with whatever comes your way. This is how Gregory chose to approach the Unknown. He was too innocent to be intimidated by the Unknown because, to the mind of a child, ANYTHING is possible anyways! A child already lives in spontaneity because everything is new! This allowed him to adapt to whatever the Unknown threw at him and made him more resilient than Wirt, who was going through the turbulent and confusing times of being a teenager. It relates to the quote: "Not all those who wander are lost".

    The final way to approach the Unknown is the most deadly of ways: succumb to the Beast. In my opinion, the Beast is Doubt! He is that little voice in your head that can drive you to commit evil acts or crush your spirit by feeding off of the overwhelming sense of smallness you might feel in a seemingly helpless situation. Self-doubt is the killer of confidence. Notice how, at the end, the Beast desperately tried to make the woodsman doubt Wirt, when he revealed it was the Beast's soul in the lantern!

    That scary little "what if" that comes from facing the Unknown and letting all the possible outcomes hold you back, it's what kills you! Not because you'll literally die by letting doubt hold you back but because it can stop you from having ever truly lived! The woodsman agreed to cut down trees to keep his daughter's soul alive, because there was always the Beast standing behind him to remind him that he'd never truly know what would happen to her or what he'd do if he lost her. In reality, she was actually alive and what the Beast did was steal the time the woodsman could have spent being with her, if he had just let go of his fears.

    Another thought is that the time-consuming and draining job of cutting down and grinding the trees into oil was so much more burdensome than just letting go! Doubt does that! It's a burden. An albatross that hangs around your neck, but which doesn't really need to be carried. Like I said, it's a complete time waster! Stop doubting and stop regretting! Start living!

    By the end, Wirt's self-confidence was running out. Beatrice had been his guiding mentor and had been the one instilling confidence in his own abilities. When it was revealed she abandoned him, he was shattered and doubt took over. However, by the end, he realized he didn't have to do what other people told him to do, because he found confidence in his own ability to know what to do! He found the will to keep living, which woke him up in time to save his brother from drowning.

    So, Over the Garden Wall is a brilliant coming-of-age story about Wirt reaching his darkest moments of a confidence crushing night with his crush and a near death experience. His near death experience put his doubts into perspective for him. A crush laughing at him was so very insignificant when compared to losing his little brother. At first, he was feeling confused and alone, but then he grew into maturity by respecting the friends who stuck by him, learning how to face his doubts and know his strengths, and finding the confidence in himself to face any obstacle without doubting his ability to handle whatever comes his way!