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Over The Garden Wall is a 5 night mystery adventure starting Monday, November 3, at 7/6c from Cartoon Network! The music is a big part of what makes it awesome, so take a musical peek at Patient is the Night – vocals by Chris Isaak, composed by The Blasting Company. Check out show creator Pat McHale’s commentary: “This was our attempt to write a Hoagy Carmichael type song. Chris Isaak sang this one! Not only does he have a famously smooth singing voice, but also has a surprisingly diverse voice acting range. He played a bunch of characters in the town of Pottsfield and they’re all way different, funny and sound like old-time radio characters.” CN GAMES: SUBSCRIBE: About Cartoon Network: Welcome to Cartoon Network’s YouTube Channel, the destination for all of your favorite cartoons and videos. Watch clips from shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10, Incredible Crew, NINJAGO, Legends of Chima and more! Connect with Cartoon Network Online: Visit Cartoon Network WEBSITE: Like Cartoon Network on FACEBOOK: Follow Cartoon Network on TWITTER: Patient is the Night | Songs of the Series | Over The Garden Wall | Cartoon Network Video Rating: / 5 This week we knock down a knackered wall and re concrete part of the footing. we also cut down a tree that caused all of the problems Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOver The Garden Wall – Behind The Scenes | Cartoon NetworkChapter One Full Preview I Over The Garden Wall I Cartoon NetworkOver The Garden Wall – Behind The Scenes | Cartoon NetworkAll 10 Over the Garden Wall SongsPowerpuff Girls | The Vegetable Garden | Cartoon NetworkPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys Review

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  • Two guys on YouTube T end a 6 months ago

    This song my relassing is the besr

  • IR STUDIOS 6 months ago

    2019 and still love this show?

  • Daisy Duck 6 months ago

    I can't understand some lyrics

  • eren sevilen 6 months ago

    So Classic so Beautiful

  • ArwaanNootNoot 6 months ago

    this show gave me nightmares when it came out

  • Lilly Lashkay 6 months ago

    I want a longer version of this so bad.

  • Me and The boys 6 months ago

    This show is so underrated! It’s such a work of art and I feel like it’s only fan

  • Ayal Kaffman 6 months ago


  • LiliumAri 6 months ago

    This came out on my 11th Birthday….This series will always hold a place in my heart <3

  • Jay Soulivanh 6 months ago

    I only wish the song is longer

  • Chelsea 6 months ago

    I love this song so much.
    I've been wanting to search more of this similar genre! Any recommendations?

  • Duchi 6 months ago

    Love this song to this day

  • Jazzy Person 6 months ago

    This song probably refers to death listen to it in that context

  • Trav I guess 6 months ago

    What type of music is this?

  • litzenva 6 months ago

    I miss you!!!

  • Plantfreak Nanis 6 months ago

    This is absolutely my favorite song!

  • Sunmay 6 months ago

    I’ve never run into another show quite like Over The Garden Wall.
    OTGW perfected everything it had: the dark theme, the colors, the music, the characters, the plot, and had me questioning every little dark crevice as the story delved deeper into The Unknown.
    This story was incredibly dark, some blatantly dark while others a childish dark. It was truly amazing.
    Any recommendations to shows like it?

  • Little cute Kirby 6 months ago

    This is literally like god compared to waffles by teen titens go

  • Fotze Gaming and Media 6 months ago

    What a meaningful song of how short life is and how death is neither early or late, always arriving at the exact moment it's meant to

  • The Lord 6 months ago

    i can not express the love i have for the over the garden wall soundtrack

  • aircrash tupolov 6 months ago

    Good solid prep and you have a nice line to follow from the tarmac edge which can get squiffy sometimes.

  • AlphaTraveler1 6 months ago

    Very cool video guys. I just forwarded this video to my friends who wants to do their own demo of a small garden wall and want to lay new brick. Hopefully they will subscribe as you have great DIY videos.

  • spenceational86 6 months ago

    Do you do block paving? Would love to see a vid

  • Ian Howard 6 months ago

    How long in real time?

  • Martin 6 months ago

    You sure put in some graft on this one. Without wishing to sound critical, I would have put a small amount of re-bar, (or mesh) in the new section that you concreted in, purely to act as "Belt & Braces" near those tree roots.
    However, tidy work and good effort from you both.

  • oldmanfromyork 6 months ago

    Eat ya dinner off that footing. Great work.

  • Andy Burns 6 months ago

    Bar … Maybe … Nope. Pick … Nope. Sledgehammer … Bingo!

  • bric bybrick 6 months ago

    Good job lads .

  • bloggs692413 6 months ago

    Excellent work as usual fellas

  • Mervyn Davies 6 months ago

    Bricklaying all week just relaxing to watch somebody else grafting, good work as usual lads looking forward to part two.


    Está etapa e dureza…..

  • Jim Jam 6 months ago

    Great start lads, looking forward to next weeks follow up

  • graham mclester 6 months ago

    another great vid guys

  • ralphsterz 6 months ago

    Loved the look of that moss on the copings.
    Tree roots will find weakness in any bad footings.

  • Wayne Bailey 6 months ago

    Proper grafters.:).. What's the new wall gonna be built in? or is that a surprise lol 🙂

  • John Wargo 6 months ago

    Greetings again from Pittsburgh. Shame that the old wall was falling apart. Really like the looks of the garden walls with iron rails on top. Will you be reinstalling the rails on the new wall? Great job guys.

  • Fillow Tree 6 months ago

    It’s relaxing watching you work and seeing how things are done there. Thanks for sharing.