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  • Jack Dullboy (Thejoker77) 1 year ago

    I wouldn't say that the songs were useless, it's songs about characters' flaws and inner demons, langtree lust for jimmy for example, the tavern song, literally a song about a crook, about all these imperfect human beings, wirt sees all these people and in turns learn more about himself and develop into a better person. And even in the opening song "the loveliest lies of all." It described the show perfectly. It parallels with wirt trying to fight his inner turmoil, i mean in episode 9 (which btw, imo isn't really useless either) we see jason funderberker, wirt described him as a total package, anybody with any common sense would see that jason is a werido that nobody would come near in a 10 foot radius. Wirt is lying to himself, he's making up all these problems that never existed because he's weak and to him it's easier for him to make excuses than to talk to sara.

  • zadose 1 year ago

    I think the unknown is where people go when they die or something. Cause the brothers fall into a lake and pass out, when they escape the unknown they're coming out of a lake. They probably almost drowned and went where the dead went. Kinda creepy since the beast is there.

  • Walter Carvalho 1 year ago

    But people, seriously beatrice and wirt together are adorable, i honestly think that wirt would come back and even live in the unknown with beatrice.

  • MultiDiceman 1 year ago

    For anyone wondering the ending of the woodsman its is explained in the Ovr the garden wall comics. The woodsman, his wife and daughter, moved to their cabin at some point and began to live a life there. At some point his wife was attacked by something, got sick and died. The woodsman being paranoid and fearful of his daughter sharing the same fate prohibits her from entering the forest. Unfortunately they need provisions for winter so the daughter goes into the woods and encounters the Beast. She has a short conversation then runs back home, the woodsman runs into the forest looking for her encounters the Beast, whom uses the misunderstanding to turn the woodsman into his pawn, making him belief his daughter was in the lamp. So basically the woodsman was wondering around while his daughter waited for him at home

  • TheBadGuys NL 1 year ago

    this series is so cool and thats a rock fact

  • Brainy Gamer 1 year ago

    CELLSPEX if you pause at the right moment when the lantern's light flashes on the beast you'll see that he is a tree monster

  • Brainy Gamer 1 year ago

    'Hears her demons' plays my demons

  • Tanzunite Gem 1 year ago

    Here's a fun fact: Originally Wirt was meant to stay behind in the Unknown, and only Greg returns home. However Cartoon Network didn't want an unhappy ending. So they had to make both Wirt and Greg return home.

  • Jackson Stamer 1 year ago

    The unknown are where people go before they die. People put Flowers in a cemetery. To dead people a cemetery would be a garden

  • Zeta The Sixth 1 year ago

    The beast is a Lessen. Look it up, it looks exactly like him.

  • Lakahiya Newberry 1 year ago

    A cemetery can also be called a "garden" y'know. Like: "Mary, Mary Contrary how does your 'Garden' grow?" So, I really like the title. :)

  • random name 1 year ago

    why don't you look at All Hail King Julien. it won an Emmy.

  • James Croft 1 year ago

    Hmmm I agree on most points but I don't think those points of "uselessness" were usless just because the plot or characters aren't growing doesn't mean it can't add something just of itself or just be fun.

  • AnimeWolfgamer 1 year ago

    This is the highest point for cn.

  • Pearly The Fried Egg 1 year ago

    Also I call the huge dangerous black dog demon "Jack" because Homestuck

  • Pearly The Fried Egg 1 year ago

    As a proud owner of the super sweet OTGW DVD, I can say that yes, it is! It's on special features!

  • Ender Durant 1 year ago

    If you want to watch Tome of the Unknown, it's on KissCartoon.

  • ThatCloudGuy 1 year ago

    As someone who's a junior I'm not even 5'5. Ugh.

  • Dire Gentleman 1 year ago

    My absolute favorite cartoon! Disagree on Greg, his dream sequence was one of the highlights of the animation for me. Still, their really should be more shows like this and this was a terrific review