Outdoor tables are an excellent solution for environments such as gardens or terraces, where you can eat and chat with your family and friends, relaxing and also making the exterior of the house elegant. To choose the most suitable outdoor tables, it is necessary to take into account the architectural style of the house and the interior furnishings, in order to create harmony between indoors and outdoors. The outdoor tables in addition to being very functional, especially during the summer and spring periods, also bring an additional value to the property, making it personalized and always trendy.

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Many are the materials used for the creation of outdoor tables and also the models available, in fact it is possible to find folding tables that take up little space and can be put aside when they no longer need to be used; there are also extendable outdoor tables, which vary in size according to the people to host. Instead, the materials used for the outdoor tables are: wood, aluminum, PVC, natural fibers and a combination of wrought iron with a ceramic mosaic shelf.

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wooden outdoor tables Wood is certainly the most used material for outdoor tables, because it is entirely natural and adapts to any type of furniture and setting. The wood used for the outdoor tables is solid wood, very resistant and robust, as it is taken directly from the trunk of the trees, precisely to ensure greater solidity and strength; an eco-sustainable material, in fact at the end of its life cycle it can be biologically degraded without polluting the surrounding environment. The wooden outdoor tables need constant maintenance since, in contact with atmospheric agents, they could be damaged and make their appearance less shiny.

Other materials used for the creation of outdoor tables are ferrous materials, among which aluminum stands out, very light but also resistant, to allow the tables to be durable over time; thanks to the particular composition of its molecules, aluminum is not prone to rust and therefore represents the ideal solution for outdoor environments. Furthermore, being very bright, it reflects the sun’s rays and is suitable for shaded areas where it is necessary to create new light points; aluminum outdoor tables do not need much maintenance.

PVC is one of the most used materials for the construction of outdoor tables. It represents a material of recent invention but which is enjoying considerable success in the real estate and windows market; the PVC is very resistant and hydrophobic, in fact it does not fear humidity and avoids any type of liquid, always managing to guarantee an excellent exterior appearance for its entire duration. Despite being a material derived from petroleum, PVC is non-polluting but highly recyclable, in fact at the end of its life cycle it can be reused to create new objects; the maintenance of PVC is really minimal, since it can also be cleaned only with the help of a damp cloth, which is able to eliminate stains.

outdoor table with natural fibers CHARACTERISTICS OF NATURAL FIBERS:

Natural fibers are an excellent alternative for outdoor tables, as they are light but resistant, and are suitable for spring and summer days. Wicker stands out among the natural fibers, a very elegant and impressive fiber, which adapts to any type of environment and furnishing. Wicker has a neutral color and, moreover, eco-sustainable, as it is entirely natural and allows you to help protect the environment; wicker outdoor tables are suitable for small terraces or small corners of the garden in which to stop and have a coffee with friends and relatives to enjoy the warm days of good weather.

external iron table The wrought iron used for the outdoor tables stands out for its propensity for elegance, in fact this material is worked by hand, producing a unique effect that makes the whole house special. Often the wrought iron outdoor tables are accompanied by a shelf consisting of a ceramic mosaic, of great effect and very resistant and, therefore, suitable for outdoor environments. Wrought iron needs constant good maintenance, to always be at the best of its shape and elegance.

There are many models and materials of outdoor tables available on the market, therefore, it is only necessary to choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes, without underestimating the furniture and style of the property, to always be in step with the times. and have an elegant home.

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