Perfect for embellishing terraces, windowsills and gardens, the pots are ideal for growing flowers, but also vegetables and fruit plants. Depending on your needs and economic availability, you can opt for vases of different sizes or with a refined design: from classic plastic vases to stone ones, from the high decorative power of terracotta to natural materials such as wood. a specialist or create a small project yourself to beautify your garden with pots and ornamental plants. Luxuriant gardens and flowered balconies can become an oasis of tranquility to spend pleasant moments of relaxation. Design pots and planters are perfect to give a chic air to any garden, while the most creative can resort to do-it-yourself to create unique pieces to show off to relatives and friends. we can decide to decorate gardens, patios or terraces according to our creative flair, or grow fruit plants and vegetables in pots suitable for this purpose. Garden furniture, drinking fountains, ponds and decorative lights will help make your little oasis a one-of-a-kind place. We will be able to give color to dull and gray environments, decorate paths, occupy unadorned spaces and highlight any space by creating lines and symmetries.

vas whiteWhen to opt for growing in outdoor pots? better decide to grow your own plants in pots if the soil absorbs water and nutrients too quickly, or if the quality of the same is poor. It is in fact known that the pots prevent the dispersion of nutrients, as well as allowing the grower to control the amount of water available to the plants. It will therefore suffice to make a right number of holes in the bottom of the pot as well as using a suitable soil. The latter usually free of harmful insects, so much so that plants can hardly get infected. However, in the event that the plant encounters an infection, you can comfortably extract it from the pot and move it away from other plants.

The outdoor pots are suitable for any type of plant, such as herbs. The latter also grow splendidly in pots, the practicality of which consists in being able to move your plants even inside the house during the coldest months of the year. In this case, take care to place the pot near a window so that the plants can enjoy the sun’s rays.The outdoor pots are also perfect for fruit plants, as well as vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce, chillies. ..). In a short time you will be able to give life to your do-it-yourself garden by growing fruit and vegetables in outdoor pots of adequate size, using the harvest for the preparation of tasty dishes. , in order to choose pots whose dimensions are suitable for the plants you intend to grow. Do not place different plants in the same pot, unless they are compatible in terms of soil, nutrients, water and lighting.

vasesAmong the many types of outdoor pots there are plastic ones, undoubtedly the cheapest and most practical. They come in different sizes, from the smallest ones suitable for flowering plants to the most capacious ones with a capacity of 100 liters and more. Plastic is a malleable material and has undoubted advantages, including the ability to withstand cold temperatures as well as the sun’s rays. The plastic pots are extremely easy to clean, do not deform and are not subject to the formation of annoying molds.

From an aesthetic point of view, it is certainly not the most suitable material if you want to dedicate yourself to an ornamental garden, but on the market there are various shapes and sizes, with narrow or elongated or geometric shapes. In short, there is only the embarrassment of choice. If you want to free your imagination, trying to combine different shapes, colors and sizes, then plastic is certainly the most suitable material for your needs. Far from being impersonal, the plastic outdoor pots are creative, give a sense of cleanliness and order not indifferent and are extremely inexpensive. Let’s not forget the clay or metal planters, excellent for garden decoration. There are also variants in plastic which, thanks to a particular manufacturing process, come to resemble marble containers. The advantage of the latter are undoubtedly the practicality and lightness, should you decide to move them to set up the garden differently.Try to be creative in finding the most suitable outdoor pots for your needs. Why not resort to original solutions such as a wooden cart inside which to place some flower pots? The important thing is to make sure that any container you choose has a sufficient number of holes for drainage. If you decide to grow edible herbs or fruits, pay particular attention to the material the pots are made from. Make sure they are not toxic materials, harmful to humans.If the chosen pots have too many holes for drainage, remember that the plants will need to be watered regularly, especially if they are terracotta or porous pots. The latter tend to dry out quickly, making a regular supply of water essential for the plants they contain. It is therefore advisable to consider not only the technical characteristics, but also the constructional ones. Therefore, pay attention to the construction material, as well as to the draining capacity: outdoor pots have not only a purely aesthetic function but also, and above all, functional. plants. The vases must in fact always be placed in relation to the environment and its architectural characteristics.If the ambient temperature is low such as in the mountain areas, focus on materials capable of withstanding bad weather and cold, such as ceramics and terracotta. The terracotta pots are ideal for giving a pinch of personality to our garden thanks to the great decorative power they are equipped with. Since it is a natural material, the plant does not perceive it as a stranger and moreover is protected from atmospheric agents, as the terracotta offers resistance to cold and heat. repeat itself inside the garden. An idea is to combine terracotta pots with wooden containers or vases, playing on the combination between the warm color of terracotta and that of natural materials. the passage of time. Vases in marble, glass or concrete are more suitable for warm and sunny environments. In this case it is better to avoid iron pots which, in contact with the sun, could seriously damage the root of the plants.

As you have understood by now, the possibilities offered by vases in terms of outdoor decoration are endless. It is important to choose pots suitable for the climate and the plants you want to grow, so that the effort is not made in vain by materials that are not suited to the environment and the use you want to make of them.


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