This is an all in one system using all hydroponic methods all in one.
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Video showing new pipe hangers can be found here:

Vertical Garden also referred to as a vertical garden system (VGS), vertical earth garden, (VEG), or vertical hydroponics/aeroponics system.

Step 2 mounting the piping to support structure. Video of the steps we used in building our first vertical system.

We have found some pipe hangers that we will be using on future projects and replacing out the straps on our newest system. You can use either the straps we are showing here or the pipe hangers. Here is the link to our latest video showing the new pipe hangers.

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  • Aquaponic Garage

    I found these on Craigslist. $62.50
    Each. Make sure it's only had food items or stuff non-toxic. You are what you eat. 

  • altha2008

    About what I did. I use a 4" pipe drill 2 inches holes on each side. Then inserted a 2" pipe for the planting that gave me 60 per pipe. When I got threw going across. I put one more on each post supporting the system going vertically

  • Project128

    We have a new video showing pipe hangers that you can use in place of the strapping. The strapping works fine, but these pipe hangers are easier to work with (especially if you do not have an assistant) and may be a good option for those who do not want to use the straps..

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