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This is the second year for a coastal South Carolina outdoor hydroponic garden. We will follow the setting up, grow and fruit from an outdoor hydroponic garden. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIntroduction to the StinkBud Aeroponic, Hydroponic system of growing marijuana.Introduction to Home HydroponicsSaturnia – Hydrophonic Gardening (ALBUM STREAM)Hydrophonic 28 – Stabfinger & KCB – A – Tribal RootsIntroduction to Hydroponic GardeningIntroduction to hydroponics system-Urdu

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  • Robert Moraws 11 months ago

    Have you thought about using packing peanuts instead of styro cups to help take up space?

  • Justin Luttmer 11 months ago

    Thank you for your videos. I'm in Wilmington, NC and looking to do the same thing, albeit on a slightly smaller scale.

  • susan mccollum 11 months ago

    Thanks for sharing! I just set up a rail system for my lettuce yesterday, super excited!