Any type of home, large or small, in the city or in the mountains, if it has a green space outside, can be transformed into a favor, just a pinch of taste and imagination for this to become a warm and welcoming place. Lovers of greenery and nature will be able to create a heavenly corner in the garden of their own home with the presence of plants and flowers, vases and planters, but they will be able to further enrich the garden with useful accessories to make it even more comfortable such as: garden furniture, tables and chairs, pergola, barbecue, fences. You don’t need to be a design expert to make the garden livable and functional, just try to enhance all the spaces so that the garden becomes a perfect place to relax, organize parties, welcome guests, sunbathe and devote yourself to gardening. Furthermore, the furniture reflects the personality of each one, this is the reason why it must be taken care of in the best way. To furnish a garden well, it does not need to be large, you just need to opt for a furniture suited to the environment so that even the smallest garden can become chic and functional. Those who have a small garden should try not to overdo the furniture to prevent the environment from becoming heavy. Neutral-colored furniture and sofas will help make the environment more sober and linear. Those who have a mini garden can enrich it with simple tables, very useful for placing a book or a glass, also adding a sofa and a few chairs. While for people who do not have economic problems, they could buy an underground version pool covered with wood or placed directly on the ground.

Garden furniture

outdoor sofa Furnishing the exterior of an important house, because the exterior is an extension of the house itself and is a place where you can spend some time in peace or simply relax in company. If you want to make the garden extremely comfortable, you can think of a useful accessory as well as comfortable as a sofa. A sofa is an excellent accessory that furnishes and enhances an environment. The first thing to consider is the size. If the space is limited, then it is necessary to put only one sofa, if instead the space is rather large, then you can opt for one or more sofas. Garden sofas are quite resistant, it is clear that they must be preserved. It is essential during the cold season to repair and clean them with a cloth soaked in detergent substance. If you want to further protect the garden furniture, add the pergola, excellent coverage. The advantage of the pergola, which can be made of iron or wood, is that it is embellished with climbing plants that give shade to the garden and protect it from the sun’s rays.

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  • Furnishing accessories

    garden furnishing accessories The garden is a space that is created and completed over the years because at the time of its realization only the elements that are considered indispensable for power are purchased.

outdoor rocking chairA great element to enhance the garden is the swing. The rocking chair is a comfortable accessory particularly appreciated by both adults and children. Its main function, in addition to entertaining and relaxing, is to protect from the sun’s rays when you swing. It is clear that a swing has a certain cost, but you should not despair and give up the desire to have it because you don’t necessarily have to buy it in wood or iron, there are some plastic models on the market, very cheap. If you want to think about comfort and not very aesthetic, the plastic swing is the best choice. As we have said, not only economical, but also very practical and light. It is formed by a plastic base, while the upper part is covered with fabric. To make it even more comfortable, cushions can be added so that the seat is even more comfortable. And if you don’t want to spare any expenses and want to have an elegant garden, then you can choose the wooden swing. Wood is clearly a more delicate material, so in winter it is better to store it indoors and not leave it outside to various atmospheric agents.

To further enrich the garden, also insert simple chairs, very useful pieces of furniture. These, in addition to being indispensable, make the green loasis functional and practical as they can be used on various occasions such as lunches, dinners, games and parties. The chairs can be of different materials and styles. They exist in plastic, iron, wood, PVC, those in plastic are the most widespread and purchased, especially the folding model. Instead, wooden chairs give a harmonious and elegant appearance because wood is a precious material that adapts to any type of environment, while iron and PVC are more resistant to humidity and are insulating. The iron is subject to rust, so in order not to damage it, it is useful to put a layer of protective varnish on it. Rattan chairs are having a lot of success lately, due to the type of material they are made of. Rattan is a resistant fiber that must be cleaned with a brush dipped in water and detergent. Folding chairs are also excellent especially when you have several people in the house, they are easy to transport and after being used, they must be closed and stored in the closet or on the balcony so they do not take up space. Often in the garden there are rocking chairs, because they are comfortable and aesthetically beautiful, or monobloc chairs made up of two blocks of material folded over each other.

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