If your garden or terrace needs a flooring that gives a tidy appearance and allows you to spend pleasant days outdoors, the choice of outdoor cladding is essential for the success of your project. In our cards you can read many curiosities and tips on which are the most used materials for the creation of tiles suitable for outdoor installation. You will find out what are the basic requirements that outdoor tiles must meet in order to withstand atmospheric agents and sudden changes in temperature.

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  • Exterior tile

    Stone tiles
    The outdoor tiles should be chosen following the style of the house and garden, especially if they are laid on the terraces. The materials must be among the most resistant, so that

  • Outdoor flooring prices

    Porphyry flooring
    Each green area needs a different flooring, which will be meticulously selected on the basis of the function you want to entrust to the latter. It will be these analyzes

  • External flooring

    Example of solid wood for exteriors Source: edilportale.com
    Enhancing the outdoor spaces of your home is important, the home’s business card so to speak. The choice of a color is decisive. How not to fall into the most common mistakes? The

  • Outdoor flooring

    Outdoor terracotta flooring
    When paving a terrace or a garden, a series of factors must be considered, such as the size of the area to be tiled, the atmospheric agents to which the area is most exposed

  • Wooden floors

    Wooden floor with decorations
    It is widely believed that the wooden floor is somewhat delicate (especially in relation to the reaction to humidity) and it is not preferred to use it despite its undoubted aesthetic validity. However

  • Stone floor

    Narrow stone floor
    A garden surrounded by green hedges, colorful flowers and furnished with a gazebo under which to put a table with chairs around it, to be perfect it must have an elegant flooring, but

  • Outdoor tiles

    Example of outdoor flooring.
    There are all types and sizes of outdoor tiles. It is also important to be able to distinguish the fact that many times the quality level can be compromised by factors that intervene

  • Tiles for outdoor prices

    An example of outdoor flooring
    There are now a great variety of options for outdoor flooring: in particular, a large variety of outdoor tiles are available on the market. Not excessive prices make them

  • Step tiles

    Contrasting tiling with the floor
    Depending on whether you have to choose indoor or outdoor step tiles, the possibilities vary greatly. Not only from an aesthetic point of view, but above all from the point of view of

  • Laying outdoor flooring

    Outdoor garden flooring
    The garden can become an extension of the interior of the house, if valued in the right way. Cared for and furnished with style and taste, it can represent an important part of your home

  • Prices for outdoor tiles

    External flooring
    The coatings outside the house are prepared using various types of materials; basically these are tiles that are resistant to environmental agents, such as frost, sunlight, rain

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Outdoor floors in other materials

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