Porphyry is an effusive igneous rock, widely used for the construction of a resistant external paving, which is able to withstand both atmospheric and polluting agents for a long time, while ensuring the safety of those who walk in the garden. Particularly suitable for the so-called ‘domestic parking space’, porphyry is often combined with concrete to further increase its resistance to the passage of cars. Anyone who chooses this material to pave a portion of their garden must be aware that it is a rather complex operation and to be carried out with great meticulousness, especially due to the difficulty of laying. Nevertheless, at the same time it should be noted the presence of panels with pre-made ornamental motifs, which will make everything easier. Extremely appreciated for its beauty, this type of outdoor flooring has rather high prices: we are talking about 45 euros per square meter.

Porphyry flooring

Marble flooring (agglomerate) The agglomerate floor represents one of the most common solutions adopted to create an outdoor flooring; it consists of a certain amount of aggregates and a binder; depending on the needs of each user, it can be produced in large sheets which will later be cut into standard formats, which correspond to the measurements required on the market. A floor of this type can be made of different materials, although the marble type is particularly preferred, particularly appreciated for its brightness. A fact to underline concerns the delicacy of the same; unlike porphyry, an agglomerate flooring is better suited to be used to cover a land sheltered by a porch or a gazebo; in fact, the risk of slipping is high, as are the purchase costs. The prices of this outdoor flooring are around 100 euros per square meter.

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Wood flooring The least used material for the construction of outdoor flooring is undoubtedly wood; unlike most of the materials, it is in fact not very resistant to the presence of atmospheric agents and in particular to frequent and abundant rains. This does not mean that the user must necessarily abandon the idea of ​​paving his garden with materials such as teak and other exotic woods with characteristics very close to the latter. We are in fact in the presence of very water-resistant woods, because they contain resins capable of making them water-repellent. Finally, as regards the way to create a wooden floor, there are two possible solutions: lay the layer on a concrete screed or choose to place it directly on the ground. The offer is undoubtedly advantageous on an economic level; we are talking about about 20/25 meters per square meter.

Terracotta flooring A type of outdoor flooring widely used especially for its rather low prices that obtained from the mixture of different materials such as sand and stones, combined with some types of binders mixed with water, particularly appreciated for their resistance and consistency. In most cases, it is in fact in the presence of anti-freeze tiles, whose surface does not allow water to infiltrate and therefore freeze them, causing them to break. As regards the prices of the external flooring in question, it should be emphasized that these are figures that can fluctuate considerably: they start from a minimum of seven / eight euros per square meter to reach figures close to thirty euros per square meter, in the case of terracotta floors with mosaics or in any case quite elaborate.

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