Classic or modern and with a particular design, outdoor chairs are essential components and especially when combined with other elements such as grids or flower boxes, they form romantic environments or with a characteristic rusticity. They come to form delightful corners where you can converse comfortably on warm summer evenings with pleasant groups of friends. Very useful for sitting down during a dinner under a gazebo, both folding and fixed, with different styles and colors, they allow you to enjoy the summer in complete tranquility. Whatever material they are made of, it is necessary to assume that they remain durable over time and that they withstand any type of atmospheric temperature without in the least scratching or cracking. They must categorically be durable, they must become permanent companions of our outdoor home and must not create problems over the years even if they are made of wood which is a material that even if it requires some extra attention, is always warm, comfortable and with natural colors. The materials of which the chairs are made are very important as well as its coverings. Some companies offer stackable chairs made of woven polyethylene with aluminum legs. Others offer their customers chairs in synthetic rattan and hand-worked fibers. They are elegant and comfortable and do not require any particular maintenance other than the annual one, which is necessary for any type of material.

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synthetic rattanRattan is also called polyrattan and is a material created precisely for outdoor furniture of a certain prestige. It is a fairly solid material that reproduces the copy of natural rattan. Modern companies sell woven rattan chairs with a very fine or wider weave, all very beautiful, waterproof and very practical. Extremely functional, these chairs give an innovative royalty to the environment where they are placed. They have the appearance of real wicker, are faithfully reproduced based on that type of material and are easy to clean even if dirty for example by food dropped by small guests. A synthetic fiber cloth soaked in water and detergent is enough, and the chair is as good as new, plus it does not absorb moisture at all. It is such a beautiful piece of furniture that not a few people move the chairs inside their home that, especially if embellished with soft cushions, they become an important element. Many buyers are confused and uncertain about the purchase of these chairs because they are not exactly defined. Rattan is often called eco-rattan, poly-rattan or all weather but the material is always the same, synthetic rattan. Once known, rattan turns out to be a very popular fiber because it is really practical, especially as regards the maintenance which is minimal as we explained previously. At the end of the season, if you really want to be over-zealous, you can wash the chairs more thoroughly without running the risk of damaging them. Just put a little liquid detergent in a basin and with the use of a soft bristle brush, it rubs lightly on the chairs that will be perfectly cleaned even in the weaves. The fiber is so strong that it is neither scratched nor discolored. If you want to keep them and store them in another place, just dry them and cover them with plastic sheets.

Wooden outdoor chairsWarm and comfortable, the outdoor wooden chairs have always given a familiar and warm look and are the most popular with customers. Generally made of teak wood for outdoor use, the chairs are made with this material which belongs to the verbenaceae family. Ductile, solid and resistant, teak is widely used in companies that deal with outdoor furniture precisely because it is a wood that perfectly withstands the attacks of salt, humidity and adverse weather conditions. This type of wood has the characteristic of not altering in contact with screws and the like, so much so that it is also used for the construction of ship decks. Buy these chairs with confidence because even if their maintenance requires a little more attention, the latter is still minimal and practical. The appearance of the chairs is highly sought after because it appears oily and with a straight fiber. Brown or tobacco in color, the chairs have no particular variegations of shades and could withstand temperatures up to 70 degrees. Their maintenance requires only an application at the end of the summer season, of special oil ready for use.

PVC chairsFor the more practical, there are always chairs in PVC which is a plastic material composed of ethylene and renewable material. Lately, PVC is finding space in various applications and especially for outdoor furniture because it is made up of stabilizers that make it free from thermal degradation and aging, from plasticizers that give it flexibility and elasticity and from lubricants that give it resistance to light and to the atmosphere. This is why PVC is suitable for outdoor furniture such as chairs. A very important factor for the eco-sustainability of the environment, the material is mechanically recycled through different processes. The plastic is ground with industrial grinders, is separated from small pieces of other material such as wood, rubber and iron and then is reduced to granules. PVC is even commissioned by several municipal administrations for street furniture, a sign that is increasingly appreciated for the embellishment of municipal houses and playgrounds. PVC chairs are therefore an excellent purchase to make evenings in gardens and terraces of all types pleasant, starting with private homes and ending with structures such as swimming pools not only for practicality and convenience but also for the intensification of recycling that gives innovative solutions especially in the outdoor furniture sector. As for the maintenance of chairs made of this material, special attention is not required. Just clean them with water and degreasing detergent and then dry them with a deerskin. To store them, you can cover them with plastic sheets and transport them in a cellar or garage even if they could remain safely outside, even during the winter months.


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