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Thank you for watching!!! Shalom to my watch folk friends! I am an amazon affiliate as a part time job to support my household. I need to be able to work from home to be here for my children, since their father is deceased. Thank you for your support in using my amazon links! If you are interested in some of these plants, see these links: Azomite Fertilizer (BEST THING EVER!!!) – Husky Red Cherry Tomatoe – Peppermint Herb – Tabasco Hot Pepper Vegetable – Sweet Green Bell Pepper – Sweet Red Bell Pepper – German Queen Tomato – Cilantro Herb – Greek Oregano Herb – Onion Chives – Ministry related links: Paypal – Amazon page – My personal blog – Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBible for Kids – In the Garden, It Is Finished!, A Happy SundayBeautiful fairy garden collage | Kids activityHow to Draw a Beautiful Garden for Kids Easy Step by Step12 kids Garden craft ideas/ for beautiful Garden❤️LIVE! HAVING FUN WITH YOUR KIDS IN THE GARDEN GROW ALONG EP.12/A BEAUTIFUL NESTLet’s Water The Plants Today | Animated Nursery Rhymes & Songs For Kids

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  • GREAT Christian Videos! 1 year ago

    This is a refreshing video!!! This is what more parents need to be doing with her children instead of playing video games. 🙂

  • Jacob Luchador 1 year ago

    Sister to be honest with you…. The Lord gave me Jeremiah 29 as a confirmation of where we are located in the timeline… twice… you read it and you will know what it is all about … God bless you.

  • Rapture Ready 1 year ago

    Wisconsin is so depressing this time of year; thank you for sharing this! The colors, beautiful flowers, I can smell the basil; oh my, and the fresh tomato’s; my very favorite from the garden!! God bless :))

  • Cassie Thornburg 1 year ago

    Growing up in the Desert of southern California I know little to nothing about how to garden. It is definitely something I would like to do in eternity

  • Zeus Mossbender 1 year ago

    AHMEIN!! That BASIL looks GREAT! No HOT peppers??? You have me singing one of my FAVORITE HYMNS…IN THE GARDEN!! ABBA DIG, DIG, DIG!!