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A look at our Hydroponic Lettuce house and a tour of how it all works ! Enjoy! Be sure to check out FENSTERFARM GREENHOUSE channel. Chuck has all the answers for you when it comes to tomatoes, cantaloupe and squash! visit his link at : Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWINTER GROWING IN THE HYDROPONIC LETTUCE HOUSE[Electro House] DJ Hydroponic X5 : Lets Get StartedSPRING HILL FARMS TROUT CREEK HYDROPONIC LETTUCE HOUSE UPDATEShipping container house – Green roofHow to start Growing lettuce from seed- hydroponic farmingHydroponic Lettuce at Cape Abilities Farm

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  • Darryl Hetherington 6 months ago

    From OzMerica…Thank you Kanuks : )

  • Tanker Jones 6 months ago

    How big is your Greenhouse? Did you build it or is it a kit?

  • Sarah Geromini 6 months ago

    Very informative, thank you!

  • Janis Celms 6 months ago

    Big thank you for sharing this video and you are doing a great job.Wish you luck in what you are doing.
    I have a question_how many meters in total are the gutters/channels?
    My guess is about +/ 1km total lenght?
    Many thanks

  • Mohammad Karbaschi 6 months ago

    May I know roughly how much water is needed for each head of lettuce?

  • Claudio J Tracchia 6 months ago

    This is the best of all hydroponoc videos that I have watched. The type of lettuces that you recommend as the best "Muray" don't know the spelling correct and cant find it any were will like to start with some of it on my very small setup. Can you please do me an spell check Thanks.

  • nery colon 1 6 months ago

    Great video. Thumps up.

  • thefloormat 6 months ago

    When you do a daily top up, do you just add water and adjust the pH or do you add additional nutrients as well?

  • thefloormat 6 months ago

    I was trying to source the same fertilizer, but out west in Alberta I can only order Plant products through Terralink Horticulture, the fertilizer they offer is also Plant products but only 7-11-27, do you think that will be ok to use?Also, how much Calcium do you add? Do you just go by the label on the package? And do you add any Epsom salt to your mix?Thanks for any help you can offer. Was able to source multiple items from just a couple of your videos, just can't absorb the shipping for amhydro things yet, that may require a road trip state side to gather those things.

  • Norrisnettv 6 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this info.. You all are doing great work!! 🙂

  • 10 80 6 months ago

    great video

  • Pam Rush 6 months ago

    At the 2:54-minute mark Wayne says "We bring them down and you can see they are actually running right now." Is that full strength Essential or is that still half strength? What else is in that nutrient mix? Thank you! (Since discovering you guys not only have I ordered "stuff" to start my own hydroponics set up, I have watched every video you have! AND I HAVE NEVER TRIED TO GARDEN BEFORE! HOOKED!!).

  • natan 6 months ago

    Hey Mrs. From Spring Hill Farms, i think you have to put more celery seeds in a pot, then you will have many small plant, but
    more leaves and thin stems. Just like you did in basil plants.
    If you should try it and it should give good results, please let me know because I am in the planning phase of an Aquponic plant myself. Thank you!

  • Hamid Mottaghizad 6 months ago

    Hi, Thank you for helpful video, I couldn't get it how much fertilizer 6-11-31 you adding each litter, and how much Calcium each litter? Are you adding directly to the water tank or little by little like some other places?

  • Jefta Manwa 6 months ago

    what makes plants to turn into purple?

  • Juan Borge 6 months ago

    when you said two weeks old that from germination?

  • workin350 6 months ago

    What do you use to wash out the troughs before replanting?

  • How much does a romaine weight when is ready for the market?

  • You guys are amazing! What kind of plugs do you use for growing lettuce?

  • Jacob Smith 6 months ago

    Hello from Louisiana…..what size pool pump do you use..thanks in advance