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  • Batcha Shan 7 months ago

    Why use to Clorox, will it harm the animals and why must use so much Clorox. is there no measurement to the usages, After washing will there be any trace of Clorox. Please guide me. Thank You

  • Faisal Mahmood 7 months ago

    How many kg need for one cow in one day

  • kees antiex middenmeer 7 months ago

    Using bleach on food. !!!!! I am out of here. Have nice tumors. Keep on using chemicals

  • sjackson99 7 months ago

    You should change your name to "Free Range Bovine Farm Production". I didn't see a chicken anywhere.

  • Jain Plasto Pack 7 months ago

    Whats the name of your company?

  • ahmad safi 7 months ago

    where is this company address how can is contact?

  • Unaffiliated X 7 months ago

    A cap full of bleach should suffice for up to/per 5 gallons. Maybe you should think about dosing down the concentration or at least using a measuring cup when adding the bleach?

  • Mohamed Yusri 7 months ago

    Where is this country?why use to Clorox

  • Meri Quinnell 7 months ago

    Hydroponic. Not hydrophonic.

  • Living Black Business Network 7 months ago

    why the clorox?