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This video is about Ouch!! New 7810 Roof.. plus cutting my hand like a dumb ass.. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsShipping container house – Green roofGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.Prairie Green RoofOptigrInstallation of a Green Roof on the Free Library in Philadelphia, PADecking a Hip Roof


Green Roofs


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  • lol

  • TheCadester 7 months ago

    This is dull 2 minutes later ow ow ow ow god damnit I just cut myself

  • david gillham 7 months ago

    Super glue

  • Trump This globalist 7 months ago

    You should have use Crazy Glue best thing for a cut on a hand anyways that's just a scratch I've had it before where my thumb was hanging halfway off in that case wrap duct tape around it and carry on

  • Edward Schwenk 7 months ago

    A set of side cutters, or tin snips work good for cutting those kinds of straps.

  • Phil Smith 7 months ago

    Leading up to the cut, I could tell you were crossing into what I call "the dumb ass zone".

  • Bill Craddock 7 months ago

    Glad you weren't hurt worse. But I must admit I was snort laughing for 10 minutes straight!!!

  • luke strawwalker 7 months ago

    Never fails when you try to keep someone else from getting cut is when you cut yourself. I had the same thing happen to me about 20 years ago. I had cut the floorboard tunnel out of my 85 F-150 because I was installing a 5 speed floor shift transmission out of a wrecked 88 pickup I had bought to replace the old "three on the tree" gearbox the truck came with. I had used a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade to cut the tunnel along the seam line (like factory but they cut it with a stamp die) and so it was jagged… I had my little brother who was like in middle school at the time helping me and so I figured I better put something over the edge of the steel so he didn't lay himself open working around the sharp edge. SO, I found some old sprayer hose and started splitting it from one end to the other with my buck knife. Slipped and sliced the edge of my hand open down to the bone at the base knuckle of my left index finger… My sister drove up and I was hopping around but it wasn't bleeding and I walked up to her and said, "think I'll need stitches" and flattened my hand out and it popped open wide enough to see the knuckle capsule inside. Gagging back a puke she said, "YUP! Hop in I'll drive you over." She drove me to the ER and it kinda PO'd me… I was working in an old ratty coat that the stuffing was coming out of one arm that had been torn and it was all greasy and stuff and the nurses acted like I was contaminating the place with fallout or something… They take me to a treatment room, toss me a betadine kit and brush and told me "clean it out well in the sink with soap and water and then squirt the betadine in it… The doc will be in in a little bit." SO I had to clean it out myself and squirt the antiseptic in it and then wait for the doc… then while he's sewing it up I'm watching and he's like "don't look over here– look the other way" like I'm gonna lose it and puke on him or something… Then send a $400 bill for the trouble…

    Think I'd just glue it shut nowdays… no way I could afford it anymore… last time my BIL sliced his hand open it was a grand for stitches. Fortunately he had good insurance… (and fortunately my old man did back in the day too).

    Later! OL J R 🙂

  • Farmer Brown 7 months ago

    Looks bad, we're sending an ambulance… 😉

  • Riley Tebben 7 months ago

    Tim you are dancing like a panze

  • Gerry Van Woerkom 7 months ago

    nice dance lol

  • Dave Lucero 7 months ago

    just super glue that cut.

  • PhatboyHD88 7 months ago

    Oh my !!! A farm boy who cant handle a boo boo !! Lol

  • John T 7 months ago

    Its a scratch I have had more from a paper cut

  • Jim Marcum 7 months ago

    a friend of mine has owned a dealership since school for 40 years I guess.  it looks like you have more stuff in your shop than he does.

  • vitowuff 7 months ago

    Haha!Cooler Typ ,I like you loneleyfarmer.Gruß aus Deutschland

  • Madman Gaming 7 months ago

    This is why we use tin snips to cut those straps.

  • bill swift 7 months ago

    whos that other guy?