No garden space? No problem. You can still build a lush garden inside your four walls, no matter how much living space you have. We’ve rounded up more than a dozen indoor garden projects that take shape in new and different ways – growing up, hanging down, or simply making use of otherwise unused space.
1. DIY Steel Mesh Vertical Garden
2. Bar Cart Plant Garden
3. DIY Skinny Planter Stand
4. Garment Rack Hanging Garden
5. DIY Herb Wreath
6. DIY Vertical Herb Garden
7. DIY Vertical Plant Hanger
8. Terrarium Windowsill Greenhouse
9. Hanging Kitchen Wall Herb Garden
10. Cart Succulent Garden
11. Wooly Pocket Wall Garden
12. DIY Vertical Mason Jar Herb Garden
13. Vertical Jar Garden on a Pallet
14. Kitchen Window Jar Herb Garden
15. DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall

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