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We take the trailer for a spin once again. We drive north on US-27 and take a detour in order to see Lake Okeechobee. We also stop at Henscratch Farms to buy some Florida Wine. We stay at the Orlando Thousand Trails campground and visit Epcot, one of the popular Disney theme parks. On the way back we stop by the Bok Tower Gardens, one of Florida’s most overlooked places. Wedding Videos Orlando, Florida Are you looking for a premier Orlando area wedding videographer? At McElroy Weddings, we provide true High Definition, 24p, wireless microphones, visual effects and Blu-ray authoring at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a Florida wedding videographer, visit our website to see more samples of our wedding video production or give us a call today at: 407-476-1933 Wedding reviews Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBok Tower Gardens – Orlando Road Trip Part 3Brittani + Ryan’s Wedding Highlight | Bok Tower Gardens | Lake Wales, FLBok Tower Gardens – Discover off-the-beaten-path Florida at Lake Wales’ historic landmarkBok Tower Gardens Lake Wales, Florida March 19, 2016Make a Kid’s Road Trip Art Kit – HGTV – Weekday CrafternoonReGeneration Road Trip: Green Roof on Chicago’s City Hall

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  • Keith Kobland 1 year ago

    Outstanding video, storytelling, and especially narration. Your voice is fantastic! I need to have some time when I can watch more. Well done!

  • MidoTV Adventure 1 year ago

    Very Nice Robert! so motivating to travel and explore more often 🙂 btw what's your main source of money ''job'' beside youtube? if you don't mind me asking sir. keep them long videos coming more often.

  • Gay Shrink 1 year ago

    Very cool. Love the way you did this. I've grew up in Fl and never really enjoyed traveling 27 til now. I was just on it Sunday coming from the Bok and didn't pay attention like you did.

  • icollectstuffdude 1 year ago

    Enjoyable as always Robert. What a bargain your video's are!! Beautiful photography & music.

  • Alberto Formenti 1 year ago

    As usual, very nice job Robert!

  • Sonny Great 1 year ago

    Robert,Thank you for your this video and all the videos that  you have posted. Your videos really inspires me and my family. I have done road trips but never done in RV. I want to do that soon. Thank  you .

  • Robert Crummel 1 year ago

    Someone gave a thumb down? Well guess there's always one in the crowd. Good job, sir, as always.

  • stu Kaz 1 year ago

    Really enjoying your videos, I see you uploaded the video 11th May but when was it filmed. Interested as were coming to Florida from the Uk the first 2 weeks in May next year and wondered when the flower festival is on in Epcot. Also any other advice of places to go away from the theme Parks.

  • Abed Rabba 1 year ago

    As usual i like your video before i see it , great job mr robert 

  • Florian Liehr 1 year ago

    Hey Robert!
    Nice video once again.
    While watching, I asked myself whats your secrets about the battery life of you gopro? 🙂

    I trieb to record my way from vienna to berlin, but the gopro stopped working every 3 to 4 hours because of the empty battery. .. 😉


  • LynSire Ⓥ 1 year ago

    I saw the whole video! Thanks for sharing and I really like the aerial views and the sunrise :))

  • Mr P 1 year ago

    Great video, thanks for showing Epcot, it looks huge! wow.

  • Chris Hanna 1 year ago

    fantasic video spud been about 20 years since we were in orlando has so changed.

  • nils01 1 year ago

    Hi Robert! I have watched your videos a long time and i love them all and especially (the clip where you went to California)and it showed me many nice places which i will probably visit when i go there next year, and by the way, do you got any plans for another trip to California?(sorry if i spelled some words wrong, I'm from Sweden)

  • Craig Sawyer 1 year ago

    Awesome video Robert! I LOVE the long videos! :-)

  • jeannine courtois 1 year ago

    Merci,,once again, I'm Canadian I went to Florida for ten years but now I cant travel anymore,   so thank to you  I can do it virtualy ,,

  • Mark S 1 year ago

    Great vid Robert… What kind of mpg's do you get while towing around your Winnebago TT..