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In this film, organic market gardeners Frank and Josje discuss the issues with the supermarket system and how Community Supported Agriculture fits into a new story for sustainable food growing. Wairarapa Eco Farm: Support Happen Films at Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Related PostsTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)Food for the Future: Agriculture in a Sustainable WorldFuture of Agriculture: Vertical Farms to Sustainable AquacultureBiochar – the future of sustainable agriculture: Lauren Hale at TEDxUCRFarming our future — The urban agriculture revolution | David Gingera | TEDxManitobaMark Jackson: A personal story about farming and the future of agriculture

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  • Joseph Dykes 8 months ago

    Check out Joel Salatin (Poly face Farm) for similar practices.

  • greg greg 8 months ago

    get topic and really top notch production. excellent

  • heavenlypureskin 8 months ago

    Actually the future of agriculture/changing the world IS localized Permaculture agriculture. Organic farming is just one way of Permaculture, and organic farming is from the 19 century.

  • Ashish Mishra 8 months ago

    This is how everyone should live.

  • Ebnos Indigo 8 months ago

    Could anyone please tell me what song that is at the beginning? It is absolutely beautiful and nearly brought me to tears. 🙂

  • Msizi Ronald 8 months ago

    Informative video thank you so much!

  • Michelle Montoya Ortiz 8 months ago


  • Elisa Diaz 8 months ago

    I wish I lived in a community like this they are amazing people

  • Elizabethjean Dafel 8 months ago

    I am so inspired to do something awesome video 🙂 Thank you

  • Kay Kay 8 months ago

    i'm definitely on my way mentally, now only if my pocket physically can catch up lol.

  • OrganicBackyardGardening 8 months ago

    The quality and style of your filming is so high quality! Inspirational! Please keep up the great work and thank you!

  • "mhm…"

  • karthik puvvula 8 months ago

    WOW !! this is what people can do.. you can create heaven on earth..

  • smb12321 8 months ago

    This is fine as long as you don't live in NYC, Boston, LA, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Philadelphia or any city over 250,000. The hundreds of millions who live in urban areas do not have access to farms or markets nor a means to store large quantities. They rely on groceries for year-round fresh food, a phenomenon that our ancestors would find beyond belief. The idea that one can travel a few miles and be presented with hundreds of veggies and fruits in the dead of winter would seem miraculous.

    If sustainable farming was adapted universally we would have mass starvation. When agriculture was industrialized costs immediately dropped and for the first time, food was available on a year round basis. We also give boxes of veggies but it represents about .01% of the residents in this semi-rural setting. As someone who sells to the "Big Guys" I have never been told how to farm or what to grow.

    Want to stop food waste? (1) Change throw away periods and / or allow stores to give the food to homeless shelters (currently, by law, all these good veggies and fruits must be thrown away). (2) Change consumer attitude at not buying any produce except that which is perfect (such as Whole Food's symmetric, shiny produce)

  • zeco loco 8 months ago

    love it

  • Judah Seeds 8 months ago

    Create a Healthy World. Awesome video, we enjoyed very much! Peace, Love and Blessings

  • Maria Rayo 8 months ago

    God bless you.
    I hope all will be like this soon
    thank you

  • Maike van der Linden 8 months ago

    'Good bussy' we would say in the Netherlands !

  • WalkingThroughTheWoods 8 months ago

    Beautiful. Great to see people taking a stand against the 'it's too difficult' 'it would never work' brigade!