Join us for an incredible organic garden summer harvest from the vegetable garden grocery store and a few surprises along the way! This is why we grow our own food – so we can step outside our back door and pick fresh, tasty, organic vegetables and fruits to share with those we love!

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Organic Summer Harvest from the Vegetable Garden Grocery Store (& a Few Surprises!)🍓🥒🍅🍇🌶

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  • CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY

    What are you harvesting from your garden grocery store?
    Pre-order my new book: Organic Gardening for Everyone: Homegrown Vegetables Made Easy (release date December 10) at
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  • 1Martemil

    Hello, I was hoping someone could give me some help on how to grow my sage!
    I purchased the Garden-in-a-Can type, and have 4 shoots. I have it placed on a windowsill that gets plenty of sunlight, but I'm worried about the brown tips and tiny leaves that it has.
    What can I change so that the leaves are nice and big and ready to be harvested?

  • misstrcarter

    Slice the okra into disks and saute with onion, tomato, bell peppers, garlic, pepper flakes, salt and pepper. Serve over rice. The best comfort food ever.

  • Carley Smith

    I'm so sorry the grapes didn't turn out. I wish I knew what to say. The grape farmers over here put plastic over the vines. I don't know why or the timing for that. Plus I see those shiny, metallic ribbons they tie near the plants to help ward off wildlife. Great harvest! It is time for me to get back to it!

  • Sharon Godbout

    At 6:37 Are those orange cosmos? So Pretty as a backdrop! That purple beauty pepper IS a beauty! What a great harvest! Thank you for taking us along! 🙂 Great vidiography….. Jerry someone is after your job! LOL

  • Veronika Sladekova

    Okra can be eaten like asparagus or green bean, just put in hot salted water and eat as a side dish. If you don't like the taste you can cut it in any stew or goulash dish for thickening to avoid flour.

  • Midsouth Homestead

    I make Mock Apple Pickles from the oversized CUCUMBERS! They are made with red hots candy and cinnamon. Thanks for your video! Rhonda


    For okra fertilizer, I soak peanut cake for 3 days in water and pour it near the roots. It produces vigorous growth and much bigger okras . It grows much taller by providing additional npk boost from peanut meal.

  • T D

    Great Job Guys! great satisfaction from growing your own!
    try different varieties on the grapes – Concord – Northern king have wonderful flavor- ours love sandy loam soil wood mulch azomite infrequent watering weak fish and seaweed every few weeks and hot afternoon sun – ours face SW – 4th year but this year we have phyloxaera aphids 🙁 so we will see what happens
    nice job on the berries blessings and aloha Kim and hubby great work!

  • Jackie Horsley

    Wow Kim what and amazing harvest I am harvesting okra tomatoes and cucumbers even pepper,s I even mad a cucumber and tomato salad already that,s to bad about your grapes I was hoping you would be able to harvest them well maybe next year I have always had problems growing summer squash I have tried and tried the vine borer gets my plants every year by the way I like to put okra in vegetable stir fry recipes well take care talk to you later

  • Penny Bush

    I'm in Michigan and have Bunnies, squirrels, birds, opposum. I use Bird Netting over my entire garden and hold it down with bricks otherwise; everything gets ate before I can pick em.


    The size of this red okra is perfect! If it gets a little bigger than that the red tends to be ok, but if you grow the green okra and it gets bigger than this it will taste woody….i love okra picked, fried, and raw! Slice it in pieces as big as the width of your little finger and eat it up!

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