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John from shares his proven methods to control pests in your organic vegetable garden. In this epsiode, John shares with you his top ways to prevent a pest infestation in the first place, and then shares his techniques for dealing with bugs in the garden. Next, special guest, Josh will enlighten you on why chemical pesticides should not be used in your garden and the safe, effective #1 alternative to get proven results to rid the pests from your garden once and for all. To purchase the neem oil and dr. bronners sal-suds soap package deal at special discounted GYG price, visit: To purchase the Hudson Fog and Superclean neem at a discount, visit and be sure to use coupon code GYG5 for 5% off your order at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy Organic Pest Control for Your Vegetable GardenEASY Organic Pest Control – Vegetables Fruits Seedlings Plants in the GardenNatural Pest Control for Healthy Plants in your Vegetable GardenCaterpillar in vegetable garden, organic and simple way to control itPraying Mantis – Best Natural Pest Control & benefits for your Garden Part 1Termite Treatment in Weston | Accurate Pest Control, Inc.

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  • Think you smoked to many California Tomatoes.

  • angshuman majumdar 7 months ago

    I have organic musroom .if u need wtsap me9475717435

  • Heather Reis 7 months ago

    would neem oil be good to use on herbs like basil? i noticed mine are being attacked by leaf miners, tried pinching them off but i dont think i got to it in time.

  • And roid 7 months ago

    the real info starts at 1020. I'm moving on bcs it's not sustainable.

  • sour mash 7 months ago

    looked like Japanese beatles.

  • HotRodX 7 months ago

    I hope with your info as well as the Boogie Brew guy Josh. I can grow nice natural non pest infested California Tomatos also 🙂 I bought myself some 100% pure Neem oil from my local grow store. Now Im going to order some plant safe mild natural soap. Ive been pretty careful not to use bad chemicals so far so I dont really want to go dumping any old dish soap onto my plants at this point x)

  • Patty Greytak 7 months ago

    Please tell me how long do I wait to eat the veggies after they've been sprayed with the neem & soap?

  • justj518 7 months ago

    OMG. Get to the point!!

  • Mike Eureka 7 months ago

    if my dad gave me money for snails I would have started a small snail farm !

  • Mike Eureka 7 months ago

    Joseph was able to put away SEVEN YEARS of food away in 7 years without the stupid modern ag business!

  • Gauguin Lyon 7 months ago

    Get off your soap box. You sound like a cure all peddler. Dr John's Medicinal Cure All.

  • Crincouski Studios 7 months ago

    Super interesting and informative, but found an Indian lady on here that gave 3 great natural tips in under 3 minutes.

  • lynn craig 7 months ago

    Does Neen oil kill leaf miners ,inside the leaf ? It's the first year I have had a bug problem…the whole neighborhood seems to have the problem .We had a warm winter this year. I wonder if that had anything to do with it .

  • Sherrie Graeter 7 months ago

    More Josh is great! Love learning about this stuff! Have a question about other pests this solution will treat? Webworms???

  • Paul F 7 months ago

    Yeah, it's old. But timeless; get yourself a copy of " The Secret Life Of Plants" and even more so, it's sequel: "Secrets Of The Soil" (Homeopathic soil treatments! That work! Crazy well! WAY bigger, healthier yields! Seriously!)

  • Nunya Biznis 7 months ago

    32+ minutes of unscientific, unproven bullshit.

  • ongges20 7 months ago

    he talks too much…

  • Von Dutch 7 months ago

    ludicrous prices on their website, buy products off amazon or organic suppliers instead, bye bye john

  • CaptTurbo 7 months ago

    A dollar for every snail in my garden would look like a democrat spending plan. Oh, and the bugs on the tree collards are Harlequin bugs. They love to eat regular collards and kale too. Nice infomercial for boogie boy though.

  • Vincent Mancini 7 months ago

    After watching your video getting your girlfriend's patio garden going, I'm inspired to start my own patio garden. Among the many things you suggested that I'll follow, I fear attracting ants that will move from the vegetables to my apartment. What could I do to prevent ants?