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  • grimthereeper 4 years ago

    What's the music playing from the beginning of this video?

  • RaynardTheFoxx 4 years ago

    Niggas getting sold into slavery with this shit

  • RaynardTheFoxx 4 years ago

    nectar of the gods is such a rip off scam money ploy for dumb people who think they can buy their way into growing a good product lmao
    Get some regular base nutrients for 30 bucks 2 part veg and bloom and youll save thousands and still have a better crop then these wana bees

  • Melissa Gilbert 4 years ago

    I assume that anyone who ever tried building their own project through using do-it-yourself suggestions, one or more times, struggled with the discouraging time when the result always was much worse than expectation.

  • himalayana1 4 years ago

    Useless video……

  • Vince Gallegos 4 years ago


  • Erik Coulombe 4 years ago

    i was told the ph up and down can be used in DWC as well as soil is this true?

  • Ivan Quin 4 years ago

    Very well done. Your mix will do wonders for a plants growth rate, the soil biology , yield, taste, aroma, and potency, or heat of peppers. Never mind those negative, swine eating, chemical fertilizer salt using Muggs with Their ignorant post down there. You're doing good, thanks, and much respect…….Seven Thunders…….A.K.A. Ivan Quin or I.Q. for short I'm not Russian, I'm taking My sweet time.

  • nts 323 4 years ago

    do you give your plants all of that every day

  • high tide 4 years ago

    putting way too much on something you can just dump in and run the pump 10 minutes then water.

  • Smokin James 4 years ago

    Wouldn't you use the grow, (Madusas Magic) during veg stage and then Gaia during bloom stage and not all at once? We need someone that explains this a little better. Dumping all those nutrients into a bucket and then tell me to ignore the 1000 + ppm????

  • Sonny Saechao 4 years ago
  • Царь бббомба 4 years ago

    R.I.P. plants

  • Duque Dupre 4 years ago

    Why would he suggest ever spraying anything on the bottom of the leaves… Makes me question his level of expertise

  • michael DuBose 4 years ago

    Thank you a lot for this video it explains each one very well and also explained the bloom khaos

  • michael DuBose 4 years ago

    Love nectar of the gods if you don't know you probably can't afford it and better yet you don't care your just tryin to get a high

  • JV CloudsTV 4 years ago

    Hey up to how many plants would u say a small Rez like that can feed?? Thanks

  • Erik Coulombe 4 years ago

    How much money is the full line of these organic in the gallon containers?and how many gallons of solution will the gallon containers make in total?

  • Erik Coulombe 4 years ago

    wow thats a ridicules amount of product for a feeding,must cost alot for one harvest,,as this stuff is not cheep.

  • Erik Coulombe 4 years ago

    hello,this organic cant be used in DWC,where an air pump pumping though an air diffuser,producing only bubbles,,or can it be used?