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Here is the final update on the habaneros. Related PostsHydroponic Organic Nutrient ChallengeThe Hydroponic Nutrient ChallengeFinal Update on indoor hydroponic kitchen herb garden.Indoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingOrganic Nutrient Mixing 101 | Hydroponic Reservoir Management | Grow Room Tank Mixing OrganicsFinal Update on The Hydroponic Setup

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  • Alex Lujan 4 months ago

    How about earth juice have you tried that one out..heard its the same as bio thrive I personally haven't tried it bit was wondering if you can since you already have tried GH Organics nutrients

  • Joni Solis 4 months ago

    +LogicalHydro is this what was in the last bucket? Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Tea Bloom Organic Fertilizer. Did it end up producing the most peppers? Thanks!

  • Joni Solis 4 months ago

    +LogicalHydro was this the winner: General Organics Bio Thrive Bloom? Are you still using it? How much per gallon is needed when growing pepper plants as shown in the video? Thanks!

  • Simeon Hill 4 months ago

    From wiki : The habanero should be watered only when dry. Overly moist soil and roots will produce bitter-tasting peppers.   …….. Does this still count when in a hyrdo system like yours ?

  • LogicalHydro 4 months ago

    Yes, I did. I only used tap water that sat out for 24 hours.

  • kmdjon 4 months ago

    With the Bio Thrive, did you just follow the directions on the bottle and what type of water did you use?

  • LogicalHydro 4 months ago

    Thanks man

  • LogicalHydro 4 months ago

    @FronbondiSkegs Thanks for the support!

  • Fronbondi Skegs 4 months ago

    thanks for sharing – very interesting video!

  • LogicalHydro 4 months ago

    @fishnetaquaponics Thanks. pH was around 6.6-6.8 for most of recordings for the AP buckets once it was inside the buckets. And it was solely tank water. Thanks, again.

  • LogicalHydro 4 months ago

    @koshus I totally agree, I originally wanted to clone a plant, but couldn't find one at the time. So seeds from the same fruit had to suffice. Thanks.

  • koshus 4 months ago

    It would be interesting to see the difference in products if the genetics of the plants were eliminated as a variable. Maybe taking clippings of a good producer and repeating the experiment.. maybe even a couple of times to see if the results are repeatable. Other than that It was quite interesting. Thanks for the effort. 🙂

  • Jon Parr 4 months ago

    Nice work, LH. I sure didn't expect there to be such a gap in flowering time. What was your pH for AP pots? Did you supplement the AP water with anything other than fish food? Good stuff, thanks for the effort.