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  • That Guy 1 year ago

    Add plant success great white it will help with breaking down the organic matter and turning the raw organic nutrients into what the pant sees as the same compounds that are found in the synthetic hydroponic nutrients. A process of digestion by microbes must occur for the nutrients to be available for absorption by the plants and without soil you must provide the "ecosystem" that can perform this task. DWC is a bad environment especially without enough aeration and circulation. The microbes have no place to grab onto and form colonies like they would in a soil environment. For this "ecosystem" to thrive you need a large air pump preferably a commercial high flow pump to aerate and circulate your reservoir. Your solution ph should be a bit higher, I like 6.0-6.4. You should also try a medium that supports the growth of microbes but is well aerated so only the good ones grow. I recommend coco, hydroton, and soilless mix. Ebb & flow with hydroton works great as long as you maintain circulation in your reservoir. Or you can plant into pots like you would in soil, without the soil, using coco or soilless mix and hand feed making sure to mix the feed reservoir well and let the medium dry out between watering. Remember you have to provide the environment and the microbes that digest the organic nutrients. Organic hydroponics can work you just have to take a little bit different approach than traditional hydroponics.?

  • Rossandro Caxito 1 year ago

    if you have same fish on the tank and feed the fish with organic food or grow your own food to feed to fish with mealworms. 500 eggs each time imagine if you buy 1000 of them or even more. every 1kg have 1000

  • atw7387 ppl 1 year ago

    organics will require much more oxygen as the water is alive and bennies in the water require quite a bit of oxygen for them selves. I would recommend that you change your setup, as organic most of the time needs a biofilter.. you can make you own quite simply or even better plant your plants in a bed of possible hydorton clay pellets, pea gravel or equivalent, this will not only house the plant but act as a biofilter (killing to birds with 1 stone) then all you would need is an pump.. you can run it continuously or flood and drain into the grow bed a couple times a day.. and that it, you would be grow the best crops and they will completely swamp the hydro crops.. just one tip.. Organic functions much better standalone so no water changes.. if your water get dirty and full of solids you just clean the filter media not the water and top off?

  • Max Simmens 1 year ago

    I've setup a UV light into the water cycle to kill bacteria and keep water clean, lets see how it's going.?

  • russttu 1 year ago

    You have a fantastic Channel and I appreciate your videos as I contemplate starting an indoor hydro system. I am also a large commercial farmer of corn, wheat and cotton in west texas. With regards to your test, I wouldn't necessarily say organic is less productive in general, but the issue my be with that specific product. I will not be growing organic, however, because at the end of the day, nutrients are nutrients and the plant processes organic compounds the same way it processes commercial compounds. Most commercial compounds are also much easier to synthesize and therefore purity and content is much easier to manipulate and exact. This was a great product comparison, though it may not be the best systems comparison. ?

  • Keith Johnson 1 year ago

    Thanks for the vid. I've been growing organic hydroponics for about 6 months with good results. I have a dutch bucket system and two nft systems but no DWC. I think the key is getting an ecosystem going with beneficial bacteria as none of my reservoirs stink except for a few hrs or so after adding nutrients. For my nft systems, I have a large mesh bag of perlite for the bacteria to grow on in my reservoir. I never need to mess with ph and only change half the water in my reservoirs once a month or so. Super easy and stuff grows great that way. I use wormcasting tea in them weekly too.?

  • Usc529 (Jay) 1 year ago

    I was thinking the same thing going back an forth should I do organic. I'm using general hydroponic flora gro & flora micro and I harvest in 30 days. You have answered my question about organic solution thanks ?

  • Martin Hall 1 year ago

    Im using Biobizz organic

  • Aquaponic Gardens 1 year ago

    I want to try LEDs but they are just too expensive here in switzerland…

  • Aquaponic Gardens 1 year ago

    As far as organics…. try aquaponics… i have done aquaponics for 10 years or more now and i would never change.. U will see amazing growth..

  • Michael Barragan 1 year ago

    Ive grown huge romaine and butter with botanicares organic nutrients. Never got a smell, it did however build up a film on the reservoir.

  • Michael Barragan 1 year ago

    Whats the name of the conventional fert? and what PPM ?

  • ourlegacy 1 year ago

    Thank you for the excellent experiential summary points of the disadvantages of using organic nutrients in hydroponic systems. Registered "organic" fertilizers and hydroponic nutrients also have higher concentrations of heavy metals than registered water-soluble hydroponic nutrients.

    In media-based hydroponics and/or bioponics where the symbiosis of bacteria, fungi, red wigglers & plants is utilized, organic sustainable methods n fertilizers do work and are cost-effective and productive.

  • 17091ira0072 1 year ago

    well yeah they're using the fact they're "organic" to disguise poor quality. I mean its not all companies its just some.

  • rednaxela31337 1 year ago

    try cutting down some willow trees and put some twigs in hot water over night and add that to ur tank, the Salicylic acid protects stuff and there is indolebutyric acid in it wish as a plant hormone acts as a root stimulator. try adding it to get em to grow better organically.

  • Marcel Mase 1 year ago

    When I was into growing I remember something called Fox Farms organics.. idk if that helps or not.

  • katie phibbs 1 year ago

    is that what the problem is? Have you found any that work well?

  • katie phibbs 1 year ago

    thank you!

  • katie phibbs 1 year ago

    man that just really stinks. pun intended. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one having these issues. Thanks for watching.

  • 17091ira0072 1 year ago

    often the organic fertilizers are of poor quality

    its hard to find good nutrients