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  • Sharon Tirrill 11 months ago

    Ha, ha, the word is condensation, what happens between day and night, hot and cold. Spell check didn't help spell the word. You can share this sight on your face book or any thing you want, because God gave this to me to share with the hungry people of the world. I give my God all the glory. God loves you. God bless you, and everyone that has helped me.

  • Sharon Tirrill 11 months ago

    When you tuck the plastic about 4 inches under the organic grass or weeds, the water comes from the organic matter under the plastic. It happens because of day and night, hot and cold, you are getting all the food from the organic matter being turned into compost. That means your organic matter is giving you both food and water. That is like how God created the rain forest. I give God all the glory.