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I’m trying a new fertilizer in my hydroponic setup. This is an organic product derived from duckweed. See how it did in comparison to the 4-18-38 tomato formula that I have been using for quite some time. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFailed Again – Organic Hydroponic Fertilizer ExperimentFinal Results – Hydroponic Fertilizer ExperimentHort Americas Organic Hydroponic Fertilizer Option – Terra Genesis and Terra BellaHydroponic Fertilizer : What I Use & How to Mix ItOrganic hydroponics growing chard, duckweed & lettuce. Using DIY liquid fertilizerTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)

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  • Jamie Pluszczynski 1 year ago

    I am just starting in Hydroponic organic gardening. Is the fertilizer your using here available for public purchase? If so can you share the brand?

  • Mark Eldridge 1 year ago

    Compost tea !

  • Андрей Г 1 year ago

    о чем говорит этот человек?)))

  • K2greatoutdoors 1 year ago

    Bobby, could use your opinion. I am a newbee and just getting started. I have ordered the nutrients that you have suggested and weighted them and have started using. I am making 4 gallons at a time. I am growing lettuce. Each time I weight and make a batch, my PPM get higher on each batch. Batch (Well water, 8-15-36, CN and MS) last batch my PPM is 1500, my PH was 6.8, I used lemon juice to bring down to 5.8. Plants are doing ok, due you care very much about PPM. appreciate any help!

  • dnimon936 1 year ago

    Hi is your best allround tomato formula the 21-18-38 formula?…….was that the best one in this experiment?………good vids……thanks

  • danh le 1 year ago

    i'm sure you've heard this before but in case you haven't, shouldn't you be measuring results by brix levels or taste as opposed to size?  would be  good to make a video testing on that and educating your viewers on brix

  • Hat Hayha 1 year ago

    The downside of hydroponics is that you will need to pay for "plant food" or nutrients and supplements which are pricey.

  • Troy Brownrigg 1 year ago

    Do you make any money doing this? Try Romanian Zukini. It's about three times the size of Black Zukini.

  • Simeon Hill 1 year ago

    Does he have air blubbers going or some kind of pump or is it just a tub of water. 

  • Tiago Alves 1 year ago


  • gkornel73 1 year ago

    Thanks for upload, keep going..

  • soksan LIM 1 year ago

    how did you find more about organic fertiliser? Sir

  • SportsFanDecor 1 year ago

    On the 4-18-38 tomato mixture you used on the first box of lettuce did you also mix the other 2 ingredients in it as well that the website says you need to mix with the 4-18-38 or did you just use the 4-18-38 by itself?

  • drew4021 1 year ago

    Hey, Bobby thanks again for sharing all this great info. What are are your thoughts on the recirculating deep water culture system (RDWC)? I set up a small one on my deck last summer and it worked so well I'm considering constructing a much larger setup. Also what do you think of the hydroponic specific plant nutrients from General Hydroponics?  

  • Jim S 1 year ago

    Looking forward to further experiments. Keep up the good work. Also, I'm very impressed with your keeping up with, and replying to all the comments. That's a lot of work in itself. No need to reply, get back to the garden. 🙂

  • 73lmargaret 1 year ago

    You don't hardly need any wood for a thermal mass wood heater. You can build your own out of whatever you have too. 

  • Reid Campbell 1 year ago

    cool video,,your plants look so healthy

  • bluecoraly 1 year ago

    Hello there, I enjoy your videos and I truly believe you're a great educator and Patriot.

    Any fertilizer is considered  Organic so long it contains pure P,K,Ca,Mg. all these compounds are salts one way another, and are naturally found in the soil. 4-18-38 blend is the best combination and very affordable, and works for me time after time.
    will send you photos this summer.
     Keep up the good work.

  • Gator chicken ranch 1 year ago

    Bobby how do you heat your greenhouses? I'm in north Florida and am considering investing in a 16'x24' or 18'x36' greenhouse that would only need supplemental heat in December until feb only a few nights a month. God bless I love your videos.

  • Jamey Epperson 1 year ago

    Bobby, Do you have trouble with Aphids?   If so what do you do to get rid of them ?  Thanks as always