Added by on 2018-09-25 Free grow course and the best LED lights that beat 1000w HPS found at Check out my instagram for daily updates of my grows and short videos — How to grow cheap marijuana that is dank. Check out my website for how to grow weed. It is an easy way to find my videos and other tips like feeding charts. Check out my girlfriend’s channel Samantha Stone Strangeness I show step by step how I grow in coco and other tricks at growing Marijuana. I’ve been growing for over 6 years, both autos and photoperiods, and I’ve been growing in coco and soil that whole time, but mostly coco because I haven’t like soil as much. I’ve also grown DWC, hempy, pure perlite and other experiments. I’ve done many grows in that time because I have always grown autos along with regulars, so I get several harvests a year. Autos are my favorite to grow and have come a long way. #marijuana #howtogrow #marijuanachannel #growjournal #howtogrowweed #weed #dabs #dabgirl #autoflowers #ogkush #chemdog #dinafem #dutchpassion Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMy First Grow! – Dinafem Blue Kush – Harvest! 2.65 Pounds From Single Plant!! Part 1Sour Kush Vertical Grow, Flooded TubesHEALTHY ROOTS Hydroponic Medical Marijuana Grow 10 – PURPLE KUSH (Documented)Hydroponic Medical Marijuana Grow – Sour Diesel – OG Kush – G-13 Day 38Green Gro Beneficial Mycorrhizae Green Grow Plant Organic Hydroponics Online Hydro Store ReviewBloomspect led lights Hydroponic weed Grow closet Grand daddy purple and Banana KUSH Indoor grow.

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  • M Bison 7 months ago

    That looks like shit, real plant abuse what the hell were you thinking

  • Devon Acheampong 7 months ago

    hOw long u veg plants for

  • Raven FPV1 7 months ago

    Awesome, but why did you not flush? Your leaves shouldn't be that dark during harvest. I don't grow meds anymore so and only trying to give you friendly info. Learn to flush, it is a huge step that people are not practicing these days. I heard some guy say there is stuff/liquid flush now days and I do not recommend any such products. Only RO water to flush. Your leaves need little to no green during harvest for the best flowers ever. True flush makes the plant force all nutrients to the flowers. It changes the flowers, the weight, oils, smell and taste and potency all increase the last week it's flushing. Weight packs on then. LOOK UP FLUSHING. I have tips for days and like I said I don't grow anymore and it'd be awesome seeing your next batch even better. Late

  • Beto Chavez 7 months ago

    how long does it take to grow from homemade grow box

  • lyndon bekhuis 7 months ago

    good vid!

  • Toleto Pritchett 7 months ago

    Hey neil can you give me some advice on transplanting autos,every time i try to go from solo cup to pot they get stunted and wont grow over a foot,and what do you use for mites and other stuff that mess with the fan leaves,would you use neem on autos…

  • Jay b 7 months ago

    respect any idea or guess for harvest weight

  • Somehiguy 7 months ago

    beautiful, double peace.

  • ThatsFnJoe 7 months ago

    you grew that plant in a 6 inch round pot? looks amazing!

  • pfitzsimmons008 7 months ago

    Just think what you could achieve doing an auto in dwc I would love to see what records u could break nice on Neil

  • flashman453 7 months ago


  • franky cantrell 7 months ago

    Very nice!

  • We R aLL equaL 7 months ago