Added by on 2017-07-15 to see all these organic plant nutrients mentioned. Ryan from the Grow Show Michigan explains benefits of using organic elements to create a micro colony for maximum nutrient uptake. I’m Ryan and I’m here at the Grow Show. I’ll be speaking today on beneficial microbes. When growing, beneficial microbes are very good for the garden. In you medium, there are beneficial microrea and fungus that help the roots uptake nutrients. Both of these are great for the garden. You can get a soluble version called Great White or Myco Madness. You can incorporate that into your nutrient mix every week and that’s one way to give your plants microbes. Another way to administer microbes is to amend the soil with them with a granulated form such as Plant Success, Myco Maximum and other people do composting. Composting is good do do because you are establishing a colony of microbes. When you establish a colony, there are many more microbes. To establish a colony you need to use any microbes we have in the store. What I do to compost is I mix in my bacteria, my carbs, kelp meal, castings, and guano so its very rich in nutrients and the microbes have a lot to work with. I’ll brew that up for about 48 hours with an air stone then use it to top feed the plants. If you don’t want to make your own, we have products such as AquaShield which is chicken poultry compost ready to go. Down here I planted marigolds a couple weeks ago. I planted them in a couple of different mediums . I have Ready Gro (or ready grow, ready-gro) from Botanicare which has slight amount of humic in it with low MPK. I also planted in ProMix, inoculated with beneficial microreas. From […]

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  • Somi Nuta 6 months ago

    The issue with hydroponics is that you need to shop for "plant food" or nutrients and supplements which are costly.

  • nugzfordayz420 6 months ago

    it was my understanding you should never mix your benes with fertilizers?

  • Garden Sheds Kent 6 months ago

    I truly compliment your effort on extending your knowledge regarding on the growing methods with hydroponics. I strongly agree that using this organic system has a lot of benefits indeed. Thank you for this important details! 

  • BigPuffSmoker 6 months ago

    what an amazing video! NOOBS LISTEN UP!