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Please watch: “Getting Ready For WINTER!!!! Practical Advice For Your Homestead” –~– Pallet gardening? For homesteading? For feeding you family wonderful produce? For saving space? Money…Time… REALLY? Are you serious? I admit I was fooled! I watched some You Tube videos when we first started out homesteading and WERE SOLD!!! So we stack up on those FREE pallets and go ready for the pallet garden WALL of food! Three pallets later and all our STORE bought soil GONE. we never did finish the REST of the pallets…BECAUSE WE DIDNT HAVE ENOUGH soil to fill them!!!!!!!!!! Laying down or standing up I then soon discovered HOW MUCH WATER these pallets took!! TOOK WATER! The soil kept drying out…and feeding your family? Really? I should have just dumped all that good expensive garden soil ON THE GROUND WHERE IT BELONGED!!!! Patara From Appalachia Homestead put up a video last week and I almost FEEL flat on my face. for just a couple weeks before that I was walking in my garden BY MY WEED INFESTED PALLET DISCUSSING my BIGGEST GARDEN FAILURE…THE PALLETS! Yea for Patara for being bold enough to FINALLY TELL people the truth! THEY DONT work! They arent the ideal IDEAL for growing food..or if your looking for a self sustainable solution !! After discussing my failures with Patara she agreed..GO for it and SHARE my story to! WHY? Because WE want you people to get the right information! We arent selling any tickets here! ! WE WANT you to succeed at homesteading. We want you to grow more food for your family!! And sometimes..telling people the RAW truth just the way it is..has to be done! Sometimes the truth aint pretty..BUT then again neither are those pallets when they are roting in your garden three years alter!!! READ […]

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  • Angel Wheaton 9 months ago

    I just had to watch you again girl I just love you so much heard that life is changing for you I can relate to that I can so relate to that but you're beautiful girl and just have the utmost of love for you love love love and I hope you're doing wonderfully

  • Vicki Dotterrer 9 months ago

    Omgoodness…..the best show I saw so far….i had a big belly laugh over the pallets…lmao…Starry, I just started wstching your V Log..lolol..another good one. Sorry for your loss of that mountain…yoh seem to be doing tzkes time…I live in SE pensylvania, you are always welcome here for a visit…I am woman and live aLone as well.. You could help me set this ole house up … plus I would just enjoy your enthusiam about life…I live in the country….and just retired… in good heath..2 grown kids.. and I have a big kitty….shes my buddy.. you r the bestest. Take care….baby steps…I went thriugh it 2xs….ugh…

  • Chris Tina 9 months ago

    Hahaha so funny Patara s fault lol

  • Angel Wheaton 9 months ago

    You crack me up! As I watch you after loading pallets on top of my jeep because Ima gonna do it! Oh boy note to self… thank you . This was a good idea.. WHOOPS ok rabbit poop no big spoon … you're great! Tires? Oh no.. not organic…. logos thank you mb? Thank you thank you

  • Jeri Landers 9 months ago

    Thanks for talking me out of it, I was just about to use one for strawberries. Guess I will rethink my strawberry plantings.

  • IhaveseensoIbelieve 9 months ago

    Not only what you said, but, if the pallet came from over seas, it may have been sprayed with a pesticide, to kill unwanted bugs getting transported from one country to another. Also with overseas shipping, some companies may spray an anti rust inhibitor on untreated area's of machinery which would drip onto the pallet. Also, that pallet may have been set in some grease, motor oil, chemical, etc. that you don't want your herbs or veggies growing in. I wouldn't advise pallets.

  • Charis Williams 9 months ago

    I love pallets!

  • Turtle Party 9 months ago

    Thank you for the info, I will not be using my pallets for gardening.

  • Tone Andersen 9 months ago

    Made me giggle. You have a new sub. Much love from Norway.

  • robin mcmillen 9 months ago

    You also rick

  • Joyce Barnett 9 months ago

    great informative video again. I am not surprised that there is not much "luck" in growing stuff on a pallet. if it worked people would have been doing it a long time ago, Love Joyce

  • john kulcsar 9 months ago

    REALLY Good insight on pallet gardening… Thanks

  • Kim Cannon 9 months ago

    great video. you're hilarious. love your hair. tell us about the hair

  • AngelTashaUK 9 months ago

    does this mean you will be breaking down all yer pallets and using them in the wood stove?

  • TWIST oFFATE 9 months ago


  • John Cashin 9 months ago

    try those blue plastic barrels cut into 16 inch sections no rot and you can control your soil